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  1. I'd give it another year before KC turns into the Greatest Show on Turf (without the turf) 2.0. The CEH projections were just off for a year or two.
  2. ultimate bargain bin pick up for this year. Really glad that this dude is on my team as an emergency option
  3. DK is on my team. As much as Russ force feeds him the ball and has complete trust in him, That's a pretty good deal if you can get it.
  4. That Osemele injury really lowered the floor for all KC rbs
  5. I'd classify him as a boom or bust WR1 right now. Based on the last few games, Gronk has a higher floor.
  6. Russ and Kyler are my QBs. I'd go for Wilson both times for the SEA vs. ARI matchups because it's a division rivalry and the Seahawks have a better D compared to the Cardinals D. I do agree that his floor right now is 20pts, even with a 3 INT game. Not surprised that he's this year's Lamar Jackson breakout. Exactly why I drafted him in the 4th round (at the cost of not getting a solid RB like Melvin Gordon, still worth it though)
  7. With that Lewan injury, I'd look into selling high.
  8. a bag of chips and a washing machine
  9. The same as Edwards-Helaire or MJD. Gaskin isn't as stocky as the other too though. Lock him next offseason in the weight room and his game might reach the next level.
  10. and that one incompletion was an interception that was completely Olsen's fault.
  11. Kyler might steal his thunder this year (the same way Lamar and Mahomes did) but real heads know how to appreciate Dangeruss' greatness.
  12. The loss of Conklin might be playing a substantial part in his "slow" start this year.
  13. I got him at Round 7 in a 12 team league. 85 catches, 1,100 yards, 8-9 touchdowns for a WR2 is a value pick.
  14. With everybody back next year and a high lottery pick, draymond might be a steal at the 6th to 8th round