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  1. With everybody back next year and a high lottery pick, draymond might be a steal at the 6th to 8th round
  2. the 1st one was debatable (Lavine was spectacular as well) the 2nd one was his. Can't blame the dude for his frustrations over it though
  3. All 50s in the first four dunks and he still doesn't win.
  4. He doesn't need to play D for them. he can just help boxing out. Eric Gordon's done there anyway
  5. This is a sensitive topic for Dame Dolla owners over here. Injury jokes are strictly prohibited 🤣
  6. The good Lord (and no, not Covington) just wants the Blazers to throw in the towel this season
  7. Just give this dude one offseason working out with Giannis and he'll destroy the league
  8. Heat could go all in and get cp3 and gallo. paul, butler, djj, gallo and adebayo is good enough to win the East.
  9. I get Grant. But Millsap is on the decline due to age and injuries. plus, his massive contract will finally be off the books next season.
  10. would that be good for his ROS fantasy outlook?