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  1. It would be a steal if they agreed. Not sure it goes through, but praying for you, haha.
  2. If the teams you would be trading for are hurting in counting stats, they might bite on Westbrook. Giannis kind of puts you in the same situation (actually worse, since he shoots more free throws) and you would lose out big time on assists with Kawhi, so I would definitely try Durant if you can (I don't they would actually go for it, though, but it's worth a shot).
  3. I was only talking in terms of team fit, not value trades. You would probably only get value with Walker and Love trades, so try seeing if the owners that have those players have any other intriguing players, particularly at the SF and PF positions. I would do my best to move Westbrook because you don't seem dominant in steals, and it makes no sense to have the FT% drag on your team when you have a dominant FT% team.
  4. Prime targets for you should be Marc Gasol, Robert Covington, Kevin Love, Paul George, and Kemba Walker. Kevin Love and Kemba Walker might be the easiest for you to trade Westbrook for, as Love is still out and Walker is slumping hard, so try starting a 2 for 1 there first. If you can nab some defensive stats from the auxiliary player they send over, that would be great.
  5. Not really sure why you'd be interested in picking any of these players up, unless you're in a keeper league. Larry Nance is probably the only droppable player, particularly if Kevin Love comes back soon, so I would only drop him for Jerami Grant for the defensive stats. Otherwise, no one on that list is really intriguing.
  6. The question is, how will his production fare with Taurean Prince back? Once Prince comes back, he'll have to compete with Bazemore for minutes. I doubt the long-term potential is there ROS, even on the abysmal Hawks.
  7. Noah Vonleh, but context really does matter if you're talking about this season. Porzingis coming back (which is unlikely, but could happen) would instantly kill his value.
  8. I don't really feel like you need to do the trade, but something like Tobias Harris/Josh Richardson for Paul George/De'Anthony Melton might work, so try giving that a shot. You'll definitely lose a bit of value, but that streaming spot might help you replace the 3's and scoring that you'll be losing.
  9. Cedi and Melton (addition of Austin Rivers) are probably the weakest players on your team, so I would get rid of them first before losing Crabbe (who is starting to trend up). Definitely pick up Joe Harris at the very least, but be wary of players that have minute fluctuations between 20-30 minutes per game like Bjelica, who just isn't getting enough playing time now that Bogdan Bogdanovic is back. You might have to stream between Bjelica, Hood, and Huerter while you see who would be interested in trading with you.
  10. Hard to say without knowing what your waivers look like and what players he'd send in return, but definitely try to send out players with <1 SPG and high PPG. Tobias is probably the most eye-catching asset you can send out, so if you really must trade for PG, you should start with him first. I know Tobias's percentages are sexy, but think about it this way: If you have PG, he, Covington, Oladipo, or Jamal could tank your FG% on any given night. Most of Tobias's value lies in percentages, rebounding, and scoring, but he doesn't give you much elsewhere.
  11. It's really hard to say without knowing who's on your waiver wire and what the landscape of your league is like. I'm guessing the only thing you're really doing well in is assists, but you're probably hurting everywhere else. If you're going for a punt FG% build, you need to get way better at 3PM, FT%, and scoring. Your best trade assets are probably Lowry and Lavine, so I would try to swing some 2 (their team) for 1 (your team) trades to bolster your depth. Look for a team that's hurting in assists and start probing them about trades.
  12. I think JJJ is the deal breaker here, especially with Covington losing steam in the blocks category (1 BPG instead of the 1.9 BPG he was previously at). You're just not going to replace his blocks production with somebody on the wire, and with Davis and Gobert on your team, you HAVE to secure the blocks category. I know the steals from Paul George are tempting, but I wouldn't do it.
  13. Since you have Westbrook, you're probably punting FG% and FT%. You get way better counting stats from Oladipo that Tobias doesn't give, so definitely go for it. As for who to drop for Rudy Gay, I'd probably go with SGA. Mind helping on my post?
  14. These players (Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell) recently got dropped, and I'm scratching my head trying to figure out who to drop for them. I'll say that my league (10-team) has a few interesting categories, mainly being AST/TO ratio and Free Throws Made. The team: PG: John Wall/D'Angelo Russell (SG eligible) SG: Buddy Hield/Tim Hardaway Jr. (SF eligible)/Gary Harris SF: Kevin Durant (PF eligible)/Bogdan Bogdanovic (SG eligible) PF: Blake Griffin/Danilo Gallinari (SF eligible) C: Nikola Vucevic/Andre Drummond/Hassan Whiteside/Javale McGee/Jaren Jackson Jr. (PF eligible) My team is in a weird situation where it's center-heavy but not that good at FG% (thank you THJ and D'Angelo), and I've also been wanting to boost my assists. Bogdan seems like the obvious choice, but he's been averaging point guard-level assists as of late in addition to his decent scoring, which makes me really hesitant to drop him. The playoff schedule is really nice, and Bogdan is getting starter minutes. Advice on whether I should hold or drop someone would be helpful. Thanks!