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  1. Damn you really have the temerity to return to this thread after the foolish condescending pseudo-sophisticated bull**** you shared on here early on? Takes a lot of nerve to have your idiocy exposed just to come back and further speak down to others on this thread. Pathetic
  2. You mean well into the off season, draft and free agency? You want the finals to be in September ? What about the offseason and beginning of next season? The issue with waiting months to resume the NBA season is that everything else gets pushed back. It's a mess
  3. The situation is expected to get worse before it gets better. It's going to be a while (months) before the coronavirus is "out of the way".
  4. Im gonna regret dropping this guy so much if the NBA goes on a hiatus. Please please please proceed with empty stadium games 😭
  5. Had an irrational fear that somehow, someway Pop would start and give Patty Mills 30 minutes. Relieved. God Fantasy has aged me this year
  6. He's publicly aired grievances with his shot attempts twice this season (including recently). I dont think he is happy with how Conley and Bogdanovic have been under utilizing him. He has 3 shot attempts with 2 minutes left in the 4th. Those lack of touches could be discouraging him on the boards. Just playing armchair psychologist. But given how he teared up after not making the all star team last year, I think it's safe to say he is sensitive and that could impact his play. Regardless, 4 rebounds for a 7 footer playing 30+ minutes is unacceptable
  7. Playoffs start next week and I got nurk and ben simmons sitting on the IL. Need an update / timeline before dropping. No way I can let a talent like this go over a couple games injury. But f*** I'm really sad. Fantasy sucks this year
  8. Dropped that bum WCJ for White. Let's roll 😤
  9. Why does he still have the INJ tag 1 hour before tip off lol
  10. The Blazers have one b2b for the rest of the regular season - March 24/25.