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  1. 1) I dont think Nurk will have restrictions for 1.5 months post return. I'd say a few weeks before he is in the 28-30 range. Even at 20-25, that essentially becomes a timeshare with Whiteside (assuming no trade) which substantially undermines his value 2) He has an expiring contract. That is in fact very valuable. 3) Whoever trades for Whiteside is trading for his contract not so much his on court value. That's why I dont think his ROS season outlook is great, regardless of he is traded or not
  2. Hes gonna get traded at the deadline. Either that, or Nurk is gonna substantially eat into his minutes. Whiteside the king of empty calories, the team isnt good with him stat chasing. Chris Haynes said a couple weeks ago, almost as fact, that both Whiteside and Bazemore are getting traded. Bazemore is already gone, and I am pretty sure Whiteside is next. Post-deadline / post- ASB outlook isnt great. Sure he has a chance at top 70 numbers, but I don't foresee the minutes and opportunity there to continue putting up 1st/2nd round numbers. I'd sell any shares I had in Whiteside for any 2nd/3rd rounders. Unless you're currently struggling in the ranks and need his insane production in the interim to stay afloat. Gaudy stats though, cant lie 🤙
  3. Whenever I b**ch and moan about a players half time stats, they often turn it around. I'll take 6 steal, and counting, all day bbg. Toss in a block or two and all is forgiven
  4. Yo please stop with these trash lines. Have mercy man, out here rostering you tryna win leagues 😞
  5. Been on fire since Isaac went down. Top 75 guy over the past couple weeks. After a slow start, I can easily see him finish as a top 100 player ROS. Steady source of points, 3s, ft% and, recently, steals. Pick him up if he is on your wire
  6. Right thumb soreness ffs are you kidding me? The jokes write themselves after seeing the way this organization babies grown men. What a joke
  7. Came into the final games of the week up .05 in fg% and down 7 points, winning the week so far 5-4. If I catch my opponent in points without compromising fg% I'm in good shape to walk away with a 6-3 W . It's my Booker and Lou Will vs his Kelly Oubre. Somehow, someway I'm down 4-5. Primarily because of the defense Miles Bridges (who I dropped 2 weeks ago) is playing on Booker. Cant believe what's happening right now
  8. Worth a hold imo. Boards/steals combination is valuable in 12 team leagues. The only really viable threat I see to his production is Hachimura. Who is out for the next week or so at the minimum. Anyone who has TBJ looking for 20 ppg is using him wrong. The minutes are there and that's what's important in terms of what categories drives his value
  9. I think one of my teams is legit the death note of fantasy. Anyone I have on that roster gets mucked. Currently, I have Steph Isaac Bryant Holiday OPJ Nance Favors Morris Sr. All out with medium to long term injuries. It's kinda comical at this point
  10. Embiid managers across the world, lets gather together in prayer and call upon thy Heavenly Father for a total and complete 6ers beatdown tonight. I'm talking 50 point slaughter, with a classic 10/7/8 6TO game from Ben Simmons. 🙏
  11. That was a grade 3 ankle sprain, which many suspect was an incorrect assessment given his unusually quick return. I believe this is a different injury
  12. https://hashtagbasketball.com/fantasy-basketball-playoff-schedule
  13. Idk if this is good news or bad, but damnit I just want answers /: