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  1. Standard Scoring: Walker hasn't done anything since week 1. Drop him for Herndon Upside?
  2. This guy gonna hit even more waivers this week. Posted another 0
  3. Pettis not joining in on the party of crushing Bengals except for throwing a 16-yard pass. I think it's drop city for him
  4. Thanks, I picked him hoping for the same
  5. Lol Thanks, but does that mean you are or aren't going to pick him up since you stream kickers (based on lineup in your profile)?
  6. No thread on this legendary kicker. I know he had a donut in week 1 and he's old, but anyone buying he will be top 10-12 kicker by season's end?
  7. Picked Gronk up as well, let's hope for the best
  8. No Thread For this Guy... Red Rifle to be respectable QB2 this year?
  9. Saw that on First Thing’s First show this morning... nice to see even though that had nothing to do with it. Parkey just deep down didn’t want to beat the team that originally gave him his first chance to play NFL football, even though Kickers aren’t NFL football players
  10. I picked both of them up as options. Warren III was so impressive in pre-season figured I’d just take a flier on him. I have others as well such as Guice and Dixon who can also be kept for a 16th (if I don’t keep Warren III) or if I keep both Warren III and Guice it would be 15th and 16th Rounders. Not locked into anyone, and yes, can cut them pre-draft if they’re not promising. It’s a long ways away but just trying to get ahead of next year lol 😆
  11. Picked him up last minute as a keeper for 16th Round Pick next year. Let’s hope you’re both right
  12. I’m sure anyone that had him didn’t or couldn’t do it unless they had Jaylen Samuels with TE eligibility since there were most likely no other options. I went up against someone who had Gronk and because of the bagel he put up, it got me the ‘Ship! It sucks what he’s a shell of himself, but I’m not one of those complaining about his performance this week
  13. Picked him up as a Keeper option (which would be 9th Round Pick next year) just in case he somehow figures it out. But also picked up Chris Warren III (which would be 16th Round Pick next year) if he can get starting gig since Lynch and Martin have expiring contracts after this year is over. Thoughts?
  14. Picked him up as a potential keeper. I believe in his talent but for some reason Miami just seems to be voodoo for him. I see him as a lesser version of AJ Green. Anyone else?