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  1. Jrich is actually a much better FT% and blocker than that. But yes, he was never a drop even in 8T
  2. Disagree, steals are very easy to come by on waiver wire. 76ers for most leagues have a 11 game play off schedule, and given Thybulle's guaranteed rotation spot, his shooting will come up from the 20% or whatever he's currently shooting at, increasing his 3s, FG% and points. Thybulle is fantastic if your team has a Markannen, Booker, Trae, Lillard type player who gets you huge counting stats but no defensive numbers. If your team already has stocks, he will help give a buffer that minimises the variability of stocks. Helps you instantly become competitive in two categories and in theory shouldn't be too much of a minus in other cats when his FG% increases. Most fantasy managers also way over value points scored as a cat.
  3. Isn't holmes upside completely capped by Bagley returning?
  4. There is no way Nurk and Kanter are playing together, and Kanter is most likely not going to get all of the backup minutes. People are getting way too optimistic about what Kanter will do in high teen's minutes. Cool, he efficiently gets points and rebounds, but that efficiency is not going to be as valuable on low volume. Combine that with literally 0 steals and blocks and the fact that most teams will generally be punting one of fg% or ft%, and one of steals or blocks. That means one of the cats that Kanter is good at (fg% or ft%) is likely wasted on a lot of teams, and Kanter's complete lack of steals or blocks is a net negative in either steals or blocks as most teams won't be really punting both (I guess he's not too bad at blocks but you'd expect more out of a centre slot). Probably hovering around the 100 rank with a weird combination of stats that means he doesn't fit that well into a lot of punts, he's end of most benches and you can gain more value likely by just streaming that spot. Obviously this is all just speculation and he would be insane if Nurk got injured
  5. Don't see Kanter doing much, he is efficient and will be double double threat, but he can't defend, which means Portland won't play him beyond back up to Nurk and provides 0 stocks. Less minutes and volume also means his efficiency isn't as useful.
  6. Players rarely ever get shut down, that term is such a buzz word on fantasy forums. I see no reason why slomo would get 'shut down'. He's projected to return next game, and even if he doesn't return then, there's only 2 more games left until all-star break. Completely overreacting
  7. The trades 100% help him, he's a clear must roster if he fits your build. Supposedly back game after next, though that's been said for a while now, no idea why so many people in this thread panicking and dropping
  8. I want to hate him, but have any of you guys noticed how beautiful his eyes are. Full homo
  9. Bit of an AC forum question but I think this is relevant to all Kawhi owners out there, given the very likely possibility of Kawhi having a disgusting 2-3-3 play-off schedule, I think all Kawhi owners should be targeting a player like PG13 in a few games time when Kawhi strings together a few good games and has no b2b's. PG13 is the perfect trade candidate for Kawhi, great 4-4-3 schedule, same position, very similar stats except more 3's at the expense of FG% and a touch higher steals/TO's. Seems the most logical trade candidate, thoughts?
  10. Tweet by Thomas Duffy saying: KP is “essentially cleared to play” but was concerned about how the Knicks would handle his return, per @SBondyNYDN. Damn. There it is. Thoughts? Considering dropping zizic/powell for him, even on limited minutes KP is a potentially league winning addition
  11. 300IQ genius move by otto there. Tank so he has 0 trade value, then start dropping 25/8/3 2s1b on 50/80% in March
  12. Maybe if the crowd chanted to fire fiz he'd crumble under the pressure and hopefully resign
  13. Nothing quite like accepting the L 3 days into the week