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  1. Embiid is out for 3 straight games, Simmons averaged 5.667 assists in those game, Embiid also missed 31/12 game, Simmons made 3 assists in this one. It isn't about Embiid being a catch and shot guy but some of Simmons' assists comes from feeding Embiid under the rim, but more importantly Simmons feels like he need to create more points by himself when Embiid is out (at the expense of assists), he averaged 18 points in those 4 games without Embiid while his season average is 15.
  2. help how? he is playing at his current ceiling right now, at best it won't hurt him.
  3. Since no Embiid. Every time this bum starts to give me hope, he will immediately find a new way to f--- me up.
  4. The schedule for this week and the next one is bad, but after that it is just fine, 3-3 is ok and the 2-2 after it is because of all-star, it is the same for all teams so who cares? Just hold this week and the next one and we are good to go, I have PJ, Rozier and Graham but I've got easy matchups this week and the next so I should be fine.
  5. I finished the recent week with 52 FG%, he doesn't hurt me most of the time since I punt FT and have strong FG usually. The dude just lost his shot, he wasn't brilliant before but he had like 40-41 FG% and from mid december he is shooting bricks harder than Dion Waiters.
  6. Had him for the last stretch without Brogdon and Lamb and he produced. Now another dude picked him for this stretch and he produce. But when they are back he won't be worth owning in 10 teams so ignore this roto blurb, at best he will be borderline hold in 12. His RoS will get even worse when Dipo is back.
  7. First of all I respect you for the acknowledgement . I do think and hope that Bagley will get better in time, but Bam is a freaking fantasy god the last two weeks. All the best bro.
  8. Imagine this dude who traded his Adebayo for Bagley, where you at bro?
  9. Made the switch, hopefully Caris will return to last year form quickly. Ty guys, if you need advice just ask.
  10. You misunderstood. I offered Dipo for Smart or Murray and got rejected. Same goes for Teague and D. Rose. No one wanted to trade for Dipo.
  11. Tried this, but couldn't pull a trade for even Marcus Smart or Dejounte Murray. The lack of updates on Dipo timeline is scaring people. Also, I don't think he is coming back anytime soon as the last reports indicates.
  12. H2H 9-Cat. I’m punting FT and Treys. Oladipo in my only IL spot and now PJ Washington is also injured. LeVert was just dropped. Should I make this switch since LeVert is close and Dipo return is unknown? Consider that my team is struggling.
  13. H2H, 9-Cat. Getting: Aaron Gordon, Spencer Dinwiddie, OG Anunoby Giving: Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier, PJ Washington
  14. Such a horrible basketball player, should just quit.