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  1. The question about Perriman this week is his floor. We all know what kind of upside he can bring in this offense. I can definitely see Winston spreading the ball more around to his TE’s and RBs. But you gotta think Perriman will still get a good chunk of targets despite this given the Texans poor D, likely shootout and the Bucs inability to run the ball. [...]
  2. I don’t like the matchup but he’s still a solid volume play
  3. He will get many more targets if both are out. It’s not rocket science. Sure, he can still go off with both active. But his chances of a breakout game are much higher if they are out.
  4. I think they’re both game time decisions. If both are active, there is no way I’m starting him. If just one is active, I’ll likely still bench him. My confidence in him this week was based entirely on both being out.
  5. D. Williams, Henry, and Samuels were my RBs in my one winning squad. Just shows that volume really is the King in fantasy.
  6. Favorable matchup for week 17 but too much of a risk to start. I’m interested to see how the workload is divided up this week though