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  1. Bro this has nothing to do with kd returning this season , he just stated today that he’s done for the season. you gonna pick up John wall now ? Lol
  2. 300-600 dollars isn’t gonna have me thinking delusional. Sure add him to your IL , but to actually believe he’s coming back is laughable
  3. Even if the season resumes they’ll be about 10 games played give or take. You can’t have 3 weeks of fantasy playoffs in this period of time. The season may continue but fantasy is over , there’s no way Yahoo and all the other fantasy platforms find a FAIR way to crown a fantasy champion with less than 10 games left. See y’all next season 🙏
  4. I still think he’s a top 50 fantasy producer when healthy
  5. God damn Florida, America is already fu<ked and they decide to re open the beaches I can’t believe it. Baseball is definitely cancelled this year
  6. Surprised that Jorge Polanco isn’t on the 1st team over tulo
  7. At his current adp, whit is not underrated this isn’t 2018 folks
  8. If you take out the year Jordan broke his foot and played 18 games that season , Michael Jordan scored 28869 in 12 seasons with the bulls. That’s unheard of
  9. Look at what Jordan accomplished in 13 years with Chicago. His resume and per game numbers are absurd. if he didn’t play those two years in Washington I think his per game average would be 32.0. Another way of looking at it is if Jordan didn’t have both his retirements, meaning he played from 84-03 , he’d be the all time points leader and steals leader. I also read somewhere that he’d be top 10 in all time assists.
  10. Don’t disrespect John Stockton like that, he was a guy that could of done more if it wasn’t for his past first mentality jameer Nelson didn’t even play during the 2009 playoffs until the finals , he was out with injury for most of the year. Rafer alston was there starting point guard
  11. Seems like a cool idea , just don’t see the point when we already know the numbers produced by every player In each given season. Multiple fantasy outlooks already have fantasy rankings from previous years. Season totals compared to season averages will cause issues , asides from roto. Drafting a 1990 roto team would also be hard considering the way the game has changed ( less blocks , more 3s , more ppg etc )
  12. I think it’s disrespectful to consider anybody on mj’s level. only person I’ll compare to Jordan is Wayne Gretzky
  13. I feel like I’m the only person under 25 years old who appreciates the goat Michael Jordan. Everybody else my age claims to deem lebron as the goat even though Jordan’s resume and skill set are better. Only thing I’ll give lebron over Jordan is playmaking, rebounding , ability to guard 1-5 , and iq. Asides from the Jordan is better than lebron in every way possible. jordan is the best defensive guard of all time.