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  1. Yes it is. I somehow forgot about Kevin Durant while making this list. If Durant plays around 65-70 games than I’d view him like Kawhi Leonard and have him slotted to be drafted 10-15
  2. I know it’s early , and there’s a lot of things that still have to be determined such as free agency and the amount of games played next season but I’m curious to see where others are in terms of 1st round prospects. So far I got ( STANDARD 9CAT ) 1. Harden 2. Davis 3. Curry 4. Lillard 5. Giannis 6. Doncic 7. Jokic 8. Towns 9. Lebron 10. Kawhi 11. Tatum 12. Young Honourable mentions : Butler , Beal Early Takeaways * Picks 1 and 2 are locks * 3 - 8 are interchangeable * Will curry average 30-5-5 , playing over 70 games ? * Jokic vs Towns? * Giannis vs Luka?
  3. Everybody knows the astros are an amazing ball club, one of the most talented in the league.
  4. Bruce Bowen and Laimbeer off the top of my head
  5. Lakers gentlemen sweep. See ya’ll in January
  6. Don’t see myself drafting yelich in the 1st round next season.
  7. As of right now , story is the #1 shortstop in fantasy baseball. It’s time to stop disrespecting the players at coors, story and blackmon have been unstoppable, regardless of the home/away splits
  8. Looks like Charlie’s going to be drafted in the 2nd round for 2021
  9. Drafting JDM in the 2nd round was something I’m sure we did because we thought he would put up better numbers than he did in 2019 , not worse.
  10. Idk guys, I think @Thenewwildone8 has a point. JD was a fantasy monster on a per game basics up until last year where he regressed more than he has in the previous year. I think blaming his struggles on his lack of access to watch film is not something y’all should entertain. He’s batted 11/56 with zero homers so far.
  11. Remember when all the old heads would bring up the advanced stats to prove he’s going to regress 😆
  12. reminds me of when kyle schwarber was catcher eligible
  13. Chuck nasty will be a 4 category monster if he stays batting 3rd