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  1. Where was this production when I burned a 3rd rounder on u last year !
  2. So if Adams gets hurt or a trade gives Noel 28+ mins , we’re looking at top 35 ros ( considering no drop in ft%) yeah I’m definitely holding
  3. Got him for PG and buddy about 3 weeks ago, so worth it
  4. There’s no serious injury to his knee, you guys are forgetting he played a game after his knee injury. maybe he re aggravated the injury
  5. Lmao I forgot about week 22 , 11 games ahead in 1st atm 🤷‍♂️ valid point though
  6. I think there’s a 20 percent chance that happens , the other 80 % of me is saying kyrie will go all in proving to the world he can lead a team to playoff success. He’s not gonna quit on this bunch like how he did with the Celtics. Kyrie should be a full go during fantasy playoffs with The nets having one of the best schedules ( 4 game weeks during week 23/24 ) I Just gave up my cp3 + bledsoe for kyrie in 9cat and I believe that’s an absolute steal.
  7. I wouldn’t trade kyrie. Y’all tripping. hes top 10 ros at the worst. usage should be at an all time high considering he’s Not playing with the Celtics rising stars , or lebron. there 8 in the east best fantasy playoff sced it would take dame dolla or doncic to get him from me
  8. Well the 10 minutes of hype are over 🤷‍♂️
  9. Just traded my PG + Hield for Kat i wouldn’t mind waiting 2 more weeks
  10. Assuming u drafted harden 1st that means you got drumm/trae at 24/25 and somehow drafted ayton and Collins around 48/49 thats some taco league nonsense
  11. Drafted vuc 22nd and 24th in two 9cat cash leagues. Interested in finding out where others have drafted him?
  12. I’m just happy y’all stopped with that cringe medieval lord talk
  13. Lack of efficiency and turnovers. simmons was top 60 last year and not much has changed this year. to anyone who burned a top 30 pick in this guy, you played yourself