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  1. This is tough but if Covington was healthy, I would go with him easily
  2. Its very close but I would have to go with collinson.
  3. I have been proposed Davis for Kawhi and Middleton and am really struggling to decide if I should take this. What do you guys think? H2H, 8CAT, 10T
  4. I am not sure how Dipos injury will affect Thad but if you think he will get more opportunity than I would rather had Thad
  5. Have to go with AD if you believe you can survive until he comes back
  6. I would take AD just because I believe he is the best player and he will help you in some of the categories you want to improve on
  7. I believe Capela > DJ and Blake might be a slight downgrade compared to Dipo, but it is always more fun to win with the players you love so go for it.
  8. Depending on the free agents available, I would definitely rather have KAT
  9. CJ is in a better situation so I would go with him
  10. I would also go with Lowry since you are thin on PGs