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  1. So I am in a keeper league and need to keep 20 players. I am down to whether I should keep Kimbrel or Moose for my final spot. I do have 2 other closers but no 2B. What are your thoughts of Kimbrel turn it around in 2020? Also, Moose did fade quite a bit in the second half of 2019; which is a bit alarming but since I don't have a 2B; thus, me debating here.....
  2. I have been offered Muncy, Hader, and a prospect draft pick/someone (not discussed yet) else for Stanton; I have not brought up Beni yet. We are in a 12 league dynasty.
  3. If innings is what you are concerns for..... Turnbull's innings per start is close to 5-1/3; similarly for Ponce de Leon. Laurer's innings per start is at 5-1/3 and Lament is less than 5. Turnbull's innings will be limited; so won't help down the stretch. However, he would be a good pick before they start to shut him down and your second pitcher I would go with Ponce de Leon as he is more stable than Lament. I like Lament's K but not sure how much pamper he will be getting fresh of TJS absent.
  4. Agree with Baur10, that's a lot to give up. Kieboom will be a future stud. Try for a 2nd round pick rather.
  5. I have plenty of OF and looking to trade one; who would you trade away between the two?
  6. Duly noted and was wondering about that! It’s a tough call for sure. Thx!
  7. Yeah you are right; it comes down to personal preference. I know the offer is already “overwhelming” and I know he will not make it better, so will have to go for the less preferred. Thx!
  8. I wasn’t planning to trade any until this offer presented itself. I agree that a regression on Folty is likely.
  9. Why Thor? Because of his past year’s injury concern? I think Thor is an ace but Folty is more #2 type.
  10. What about in leagues that values OBP and SB equally?
  11. In a keeper league, A.Rizzo + David Dahl + first round prospect pick for either one of these pitchers, leaning towards trading Folty. Thought?
  12. Stanton was in a new league and nonetheless in NYC and ‘18 was the year he tried to “fit in”. I think he will take off again in ‘19.
  13. Is Story’s SB increase legit? If is, then personally I’d rank him higher than Soto, a power / speed combo SS is much more valuable than a power OF.
  14. I agree and I think his ADP is rising as we speak.