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  1. Would be awesome for Henry and the overall offense... still not total faith in Arthur Smith to generate a ton of points, but love that he has a "ugly" offense mindset and has already said Henry will be the focal point. I like Vrabel's comments too “I would say that if he started off 2019 like he ended 2018, I think that would be great,” Vrabel said. “That would be unbelievable for everybody.” Sure, just coach speak but also hints that they're at least giving Henry a chance to claim this backfield as his own. That's all this BULLDOZER needs -- to get that heavy volume right from the start so he can start punishing defenses and showing his true value is when he gets 25+ carries and batters you.
  2. If he ends up in Oakland (which I think is likeliest too), what do you consider the value? Obviously, they were a trash heap last year... but before that Gruden had coached 11 straight 1,000 yard WRs. Brown similar to the Tim Brown style that can dominate all over the field and be moved to anywhere... Brown would probably take a huge rankings hit by most, but I think it'd actually be a pretty solid spot and he'd stay within my Top-15 overall and Top-4 WRs
  3. I am also completely fascinated by what this Kitchens / Monken marriage will bring. We know Kitchens can squeeze the best of Baker, we know Monken's Air Raid creates aerial bomb shows with the Bucs leading the league in passing yardage (320.3 per game) despite erratic Winston and bleh Fitzpatrick under center. This guy is going to be a Top-6, minimum, QB in 2019 and my pick for this year's version of Mahomes. This is a Chubb thread, however... and who the hell knows what the RBs will do. On the plus and obvious side, a more explosive pass game will keep boxes lighter -- last season, Chubb ran the ball into 8-man boxes a league-leading 30 percent of the time. On the contrary, the Bucs ran into 8-man boxes less than 20 percent of the time. Of course, the teams are built completely differently, but the verticality Monken brings will undoubtedly help. I have no doubt all RBs here are in better hands now. BUT Fantasy-wise, "Usage" then becomes the major point of contention. Will it be a committee with all backs there? Will one take over, considering Kitchens' Arians-roots? Chubb could become a screaming bargain if so, but I still am leaning the 100+ ADP value of Hunt and stashing, and using my second rounder on something with more sure volume. If he starts falling to mid-to-late Round 3, however...
  4. All in on Mixon in 2019, especially if he falls out of Round 1. Have him as my 9th ranked player, and would take him above any wideout.
  5. Agree - no shot they trade Chubb. But the committee risk is real, so I'll side with the draft value... Hunt going after 100 in Best Balls right now, and the upside is astronomical if Chubb is worked too hard to start year / breaks down. A fresh Hunt after the rest of the league has grinded for 6 weeks, inside this o, behind that line... could be deadly.
  6. I just like everything around Cook a lot more... the injury risk is substantial, but outside of that his upside inside a much better overall O, esp. inside Kubiak's infamous Zone Blocking Scheme, and just I feel a significantly better player all have me more willing to take a shot on him. Just hate Fournette's outlook with DeFilippo + a gross overall offense w/ little else to take heat off him.
  7. Just started here, never used this or really other forums... but word.
  8. Both Chubb and Hunt in Top 20 (esp Chubb Top 8 too)? Or was this before Hunt landed there?
  9. With the Chubb / Hunt news, here's my updated 2019 RB Rankings - Half PPR: Tier 1 - Elite Horse: 1) Saquon 2) Zeke 3) Gurley (still weighing what to do here) 4) CMac 5) Kamara Tier 2 - Locked-in RB1s w/ Top-3 upside 6) Melvin 7) Conner 8) Le'Veon 9) Mixon Tier 3 - Remaining Low-End RB1s 10) Damien Williams (obviously could change) 11) Dalvin Cook 12) Aaron Jones 13) DJ 14) Henry Tier 4 - Huge Upside RB2s 15) Lindsay 16) Mack 17) Sony 18) Carson 19) Chubb (too aggressive?) 20) Ingram (landing spot will tell a lot) 21) Kerryon Tier 5 - Remaining RB2s 22) McKinnon 23) Fournette (very down on him) 24) Devonta Freeman (him too) 25) Guice (could skyrocket into Top 15 if healthy) 26) Cohen 27) James White Tier 6 - Flexy 28) Coleman 29) Hunt 30) Lamar Miller (hate him, hope he loses this job and plummets) 31) Drake 32) Brieda 33) Shady 34) Howard Still need to know: Chiefs, Bucs, Texans starters for sure.... where do Bell, Ingram, Ajayi end up?
  10. Hunt's the better 3-down RB IMO. Coming in fresh and hungry after 6 weeks (or whatever it ends up being), I think he feasts. And I rode Chubb to a few titles in 2018... I just side with the value here. The ADPs of both will be very interesting to follow this offseason
  11. Ingram is a bruising power runner with three-down abilities. Three ideal landing spots where this would be capitalized on and Ingram could be an immediate RB1 over the next 2-3 years are (in order) 1) Chiefs - likely a pipe dream, but if Damien WIlliams can succeed as well as he has, Ingram would be a Top-5 fantasy product there. Williams has impressed me far more than expected... but Ingram's on another level, and this is mostly a product of the Surrounding Talent and Workhorse Scheme here. No-brainer Top-10 selection if he lands here -- even Williams is No.14 on my current big board. 2) Bucs - BRUCE ARIANS TO THE MOON! No, Ingram isn't David Johnson. He's also not overly far off. He'd be the perfect fit for 300ish touches under Arians, and with so many explosive weapons around him, a strong bet for 10+ TDs in addition to the 1500+ total yards he could rack up. Fringe first rounder here. 3) Texans - Bill loves to run the ball, the offense is explosive... essentially everything about the Bucs applies here except bleh Lamar Miller would need to disappear. No doubt he would if they sign Ingram Ravens are being rumored, and that's not a bad fit in Greg Romans run-heavy scheme. However, I like the other 3 offenses as a whole much more, creating much better TD upside.