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  1. Count me in for gas house. dfischer1216@yahoo.com
  2. What’s the buy-in? you state there’s penalties....if your team is horrible you gotta pay more then the buy-in? gas-house still available?
  3. I’ll join dfischer1216@yahoo.com for invite if still available.
  4. I’m gonna hold out for a little bit until I find a keeper. How early are you drafting?
  5. I’m looking to join..... ESPN H2H CAT(preferred) keepers(2-5) Money($50-$75) unlimited add/drops draft pick trading leaguesafe would like a prospect element, but not necessary. Reply with league info
  6. Interested never did this type of league. Is there a benefit from not reaching your max value for keepers? Thanks dfischer1216@yahoo.com