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  1. I got him for $25 in our 12 team $260 roto. Thats higher than I wanted to spend, but he was the last in the tier and we are all Clevelanders. I already had Strasburg, Darvish and Soroka at that point. IF they have a season, my staff should be in good shape.
  2. 12 team roto - keeper - $260 cap - 6 x 6 (OBP + IP) - Unlimited DL & trading - Limit of TEN waiver wire transactions for the year This is my main league. My home league that has been around for 27 years. The only one I really care about. Completed our 7 hour auction on Sunday. How'd I do? C - Ramos - $10 C - Caratini - $1 1B - Freeman - $37 2B - Lux - $11 SS - Baez - $26 3B - Moncada - $12 (keeper) MI - Wong - $1 CI - Sano - $11 OF - Yelich - $28 (keeper) OF - Ozuna - $19 OF - Avi Garcia - $11 OF - Soler - $5 (keeper) OF - Choo - $2 DH - Khris Davis - $5 SP - Clevinger - $25 SP - Strasburg - $21 (keeper) SP - Darvish - $5 (keeper) SP - Soroka - $5 (keeper) SP - Urquidy - $5 RP - Diaz - $10 RP - Giles - $8 RP - Puk - $4 RP - Kintzler - $1 Bench (Can be any position) SP - Houser SP - Wood SP - Cease SP - Kikuchi RP - Strahm 2B/3B - Starlin Castro SS - Swanson OF - Gregory Polanco OF - Domingo Santana OF - Nomar Mazara
  3. I agree with all of this. My shock was moreso that a lot of owners were thinking the same way and that drove his price up beyond some of the other players ranked ahead of him at 1B (Abreu went for $22) I was very excited to try to get Olsen in that $15 to $20 range. I saw a potential huge value play there. Was a big part of my plan going in... (of course, I blew that up in the first twenty minutes by grabbing Freeman at $37. lol)
  4. He went for $27 in our home league auction. I was shocked. Was thinking $17-$20.
  5. Thanks for the responses everyone. I appreciate it. I won't have to make this decision because he backed out because of Judge's shoulder. This deal is dead.
  6. lol. He actually wanted Stras and Moncada. I said no. That would put my keepers at $118. Probably the highest ever in our league and I might as well show up an hour late. lol.
  7. Thank you for the feedback, Much appreciated! My software had Judge projected at $22 and Strasburg at $25... so $5 TOTAL discount. Trout would be an overpay by $7 according to projected value. But as you know those projected values mean nothing once the auction starts. I could see Strasburg going for $30 and Judge going for $26ish. So yeah, in the end you are probably right. No one wants Rendon at $33 in our league. I've been shopping him. So he is gonna get thrown back into the pool either way. Right now the offer is Trout for Stras and Judge. Judge's health concerns me.
  8. $260 total budget for 23 players on a roster (204 players remaining to bid on after keepers are declared) $110 would be for my keepers if I made the trade. I'd have $150 leftover the remaining 17 roster spots (Avg: $8.82 per player) $91 (my current keepers before trade) would leave me with $169 for the remaining 17 roster spots (Avg: $9.94 per player) For reference, my last four years I spent: 2016 $94 keepers / $166 leftover for auction (won the league) 2017 $87 / $173 2018 $98 / $162 2019 $73 / $187 (won the league) $5 is the cheapest you can keep anyone in our league. So, $30 is the lowest possible for 6 keepers. Most teams are in the $65 to $100 range for their keepers. Every year one or two teams pushes it up to $110 or $115.
  9. Update: Talked to the owner. He'd do Strasburg $21 and Judge $20 for Trout $55. Which leaves me with the second keeper list shown above. Any other opinions?
  10. Thanks for help with mine... This is a solid roster for a 12 teamer. You have a lot of upside in your SP. The power is there. Good speed with Lindor, Robles and Laureano. (Although I don't like Robles this year personally - because of cost). May is a tricky one. I have him as well, but can't keep him just because the Dodgers screw around with their pitching so much. You have a lot of players I will be targeting. My only critique would be that your bench maybe has too many unproven players. I like to have at least a couple solid predictable guys on my bench. But that is a minor critique.
  11. 12 team 6x6 roto (OBP & IP added) - $260 auction - 6 keepers My current 6 keepers are: Yelich $28 Judge $20 Strasburg $21 Moncada $12 Soler $5 Darvish $5 Total $91 (which is in the high end of my comfort zone for keeper salaries) One owner in my league has Trout at $55. He keeps waffling if he wants to keep him at that salary or not and he barely has 6 keepers as it is. I could offer him Rendon $33 (who I am not keeping) and either Strasburg or Judge. Or hell, all three. That would put my keeper list at Trout $55 Yelich $28 Moncada $12 Soler $5 Darvish $5 Soroka $5 Total $110 (well beyond my comfort range... but I'd have Yelich and Trout) Would you go after Trout? Or stand pat with more balance?
  12. 200+ K for $5? I can't drop Darvish. Im high on him this year.
  13. 12 team 6 x 6 Roto (IP and K added) - $260 auction Keep 6 - so far I have OF - Yelich $28 OF - Judge $20 SP - Strasburg $21 OF - Soler $5 SP - Darvish $5 For my 6th keeper, do I keep Soroka at $5 or Moncada at $12? (I have an offer of a 2nd round pick of our 10 round reserves snake draft for Moncada)