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  1. Are you still looking for a member in this league? If so send me an email.
  2. My name is Eric Law and I am interested and in the hybrid team league. I can be reached at
  3. I am interested in joining. I have 20 years experience with fantasy baseball. How do you do payment?? I can be reached at
  4. Have been doing head 2 head with 10-12 teams with one keeper for 10 years and league folded last year. I am not a fan of multiple keepers. Ultra competitive and looking to win another league every year. Up to $100 entry fee is fine.
  5. I would like to learn more about the hybrid team league. Never done that before. Can start and pay immediately.
  6. Are you still looking for a new member. My son and I are hardcore into anything fantasy right now. I have been doing fantasy baseball for over 20 years.