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  1. If Taylor wants to have success he needs to clean up his ball security. In 569 touches, Marlon Mack has only fumbled 3 times. Jonathan Taylor in college fumbled over 18 times and lost 15 of those. Until he enters the building and secure the confidence to be the bell cow he is merely rb2 or flex play.
  2. Monte Ball 2.0. Mack knows the system and has shown success within the system. Taylor's time will come, but it isn't going to be anytime before week 7.
  3. Marlon Mack isn't going anywhere this season. Why not burn the rubber off of the tread with his rookie contract in the final year. Unless Mack is traded Taylor is going to be brought along slowly.
  4. I just don't seem them utilizing the bell cow role anymore. They have 4 rbs, that it seems like they believe in with: Samuel Conner Snell McFarland Conner has shown repeatedly that he can't handle the workload. Even with Big Ben returning his value is mediocre at best. Talented, but always hurt.
  5. I think Henry doesn't score enough to match his adp. Mixon should have a strong season.
  6. I would be perfect having DJ as my RB2 or in my flex as long as he is healthy. He is going to go in the 30's come August, once everything settles down.
  7. honestly, id let him pound my wife, while I watched. He is just that special
  8. Why not keep Chubb and still target drake? I think Drake finishes easily in the top 6 this year. It is going to be a solid season for him with those running lanes.
  9. Freeman has a chance to produce. Carson fractured his hip, which is going to limit him immensely. I wouldn't be shocked to see Carson take a major step back this year. Could be closer to a 50/50 split. Freeman is a great early down back and outside of the goal line. Watching so many Falcons games though he gets stuffed on short yardage plays. Use Carson as the thumper and Freeman as the Bambi
  10. Pending where your draft position is. If I had the last pick and first pick of the 2nd and 3rd, I would double tap them to pair with Barkley or CMAC.
  11. When looking at it now and their schedule for the touches to go around with Rivers being the qb this is with catches as well. Taylor 225 Mack 175 Hines 125
  12. curious if his hip is as healthy as were being led to believe. Looking at Freeman and Hyde with wanting to add Lynch. They added Dallas, who I thought wasn't used properly at Miami.
  13. So excited for someone in all of my leagues to overreach for a Matt Nagy RB. Enjoy the head scratching and irregular play calling that will most likely lead to undependable point scoring from the rb, so your team will finish around .500.
  14. when 21% of your points come off of two plays, the odds are he isn't. CEH will have the backfield sooner rather than later. First play against the Texans will be a wheel route and the rest is going to be history for the JAG of Dwill.