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  1. yeah you owners put him on the bench against the Browns, Bengals, and Lions. That will show your league!!!
  2. I told myself, I wouldn't do it again, but I did it. Here he is, somehow in my lineup. I bought a 12 pack of corona and a bottle of Jameson to drown my sorrows for what I believe is the the fools gold. Nagy got me again.
  3. I kept him, but damn he is even the worst flex in fantasy.
  4. kind of tossed between Ward, Cooks, and P. Williams. Kind of leaning towards Cooks, but something wants me to play Ward.
  5. 19 carries for 51 yards and 1 reception for 4 yards 0tds.
  6. lets not get carried away with brad berry here. Juju scored twice and it is a positive sign for those going forward. I didn't believe JuJu was going to have this type of game, but I was wrong. Their schedule until week 9 isn't terrible at all, so he could produce top 10 numbers going forward. Big Ben looked like Colonel Mike Kirby out there.
  7. seems we need to get Perry mason on the case.
  8. I had my expectations at 11 points for the game. I thought he would have been targeted more, but the Chargers defense is extremely stout even without James. He has the Browns Thursday night, so if he has the same amount of touchdowns I don't see why 15 points isn't attainable for him. Week 4 is when I get concerned, but luckily the league I am in allows for future trades of picks, so people are always dealing.
  9. Flip home games. Locations aren't too far apart. Im kind of shocked they haven't moved the game and switched home games. They still may end up playing Sunday night or Monday.
  10. how does everyone like their eggs? fried or fertilized!!!! If he doesn't log a full Friday or Saturday then it might be time to proceed with caution for week 1. Eagles know they can win week 1, because it is the foreskins
  11. Stood up after passing tbell and it hit me. Fuller 17 points tonight.
  12. Went with the two home run hitters tonight (hill and fuller) at wr and the buttkicker
  13. I am super erect. Although, he did the Bucky against Purdue I know what it is when I see it. Boobie Miles mixed with Megget. Chris Berman better get some water ready at his table, all those sounds non stop is going to make him parched.