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  1. The Redskins have one of the easiest schedules on paper next year. Obviously a lot can change, but facing the AFC North and NFL West should favor for them throwing the ball heavily outside of the Ravens and possibly 49ers games. It is early, but they're going to also be down, which means Haskins is taking shots. McLaurin should finish as a top 15 wr easily. Is a sophomore slump possible, it is. Wrs aren't known for breaking out as well as McLaurin did either. Right now he is in Tier 7 with a ranking of 64 (WR 29). If he is there around the 5th or 6th round I am taking a stab at him.
  2. After having multiple seasons in the NFL, you would've guessed he would've figured out his recovery during the offseason or hired someone to help with this. Or if he does maybe he needs to invest in a new trainer. This story line resembles Steph Curry a lot and he switched trainers and has been extremely healthy since. side note outside of this broken hand, which he could've came back, but the warriors want a top pick.
  3. Lamar is going to go in the 2nd or 3rd round most likely in most leagues, which isn't worth spending that kind of pick on a QB. If it is 5 keepers or more then Lamar would be a solid option. Another sexy appeal for the Ravens is their schedule next year, so Lamar has a high chance to duplicate the 2019 season. It all comes down to how bad to do you want him.
  4. of all place as dollar tree!!! nothing but fine trash goes into that establishment.
  5. Unless the Rams give something such as a 2nd and 3rd round pick with Gurley to a team that takes that salary and gets a 7th round back, Gurley will be in LA. Henderson looked absolutely terrible when given the chance.
  6. Bell would be a great fit for Bucs or Texans. Gase is obviously the problem with their offense.
  7. Brady takes the league minimum, while New England signs Green, Cooper and Henry. The offense rolls and they lose in the divisional round to the Bills
  8. Biggest question mark that could potentially impede on Drake being a top 5 rb, is going to come from Chase. He killed it, while he was healthy. I expect Arizona to utilize both backs and then there is David Johnson, so the next couple of months will really paint the picture.
  9. Not even sure why he has a thread at this point.
  10. Also, with Robinson on his way out as well potentially, wouldn't be shocked to see him kept in most leagues.
  11. Similar role of DJ Moore in Carolina with the offense, so he is going to get his share of opportunity.
  12. Grab him where you can in dynasty and keeper leagues. He is going to be the vocal point next year, so I wouldn't be shocked to see him finish in the Top 12 for rbs.
  13. Kareem Hunt is slow as smooth as smooth as fast!!!!
  14. Jameis was defiantly hitting OJ at a premium this last season.