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  1. how is fantasy PO sched for hornets? it is good?
  2. Keep JJ, he will have better ROS than Grant, as Millsap is returning. help with mine? thanks!
  3. My playoff start march 16th, in 10 teams h2h 9 cat league with no IR. Lucky I made switch for Richaun Holmes last week to fill my streamer post, because i'm quite thin on bigs. Wish a good luck for Nurk owners.
  4. Keep Malik Beasley. He might be have better ROS value than Coby.
  5. Dejounte or Devonte ROS? Somehow DjM was dropped yesterday and i own Devonte for backup Guards. My playoff is coming next march 16th. 10 teams H2H.9 Cat league with active WW pickups 😁 Thank u for all suggestions.
  6. I would drop J-Rich. Can't hold him much longer these days while some hot pick is waiting in wire.
  7. possibly shut down by the Blazers? Oh, god please don't 😢
  8. 2-3 more weeks? what the ... Please tell me this is a joke, right? 😪 speed recovery, mr.Holmes...
  9. heard the news the Big Nurk is still no timeline for return, maybe late-February or March.. it's the right time to move on? has been holding from early January and now it's getting harder to pull the button.
  10. Oh my .... for how long? hopefully not a major setback.
  11. since on rotoworld there was no update about Nurkic and on BBM was stated that Nurk has projected comeback date is 2/28, is it wise to stash Nurkic now and avoid all hot streamers in the wire?
  12. sorry, my bad. Is he a good pick up for points league for this week?