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  1. Your 2019 regular season MVP is ... Load management.
  2. Going to almost copy Kool-Aid from above lol Bit of a struggle 'til the end - Check. Down most of the week. First time winning a championship based on higher regular season seed after a tie score - Check. 4-4-1 with blocks tied at 28-28. Also first time winning Fantasy Basketball (2nd time playing with the first time being more than 10 years ago) Team was decimated closer and closer it got to the end - Check. Lost Conley x 2 to rest (or injuries), 1 x Bagley, 1 x Embiid and 1 x Griffin. Lucked out in dodging severe injury problems for the majority of the season - Checked. Lavine and Teague are my only 2 notable drops due to injury. My season defining move was trading Butler for George early in the season. It was approximately 1 week before Butler got traded
  3. 10 Teams, 9 CAT head to head champ Won the finals by a score of 4-4 due to the tie-breaker being the higher seed (1st). Blocks was the tie at 28-28. The roster I ended the season with: J. Harden Hou - PG,SG P. George OKC - SG,SF,PF J. Embiid Phi - PF,C M. Conley Mem - PG M. Robinson NY - C P. Millsap Den - PF,C B. Bogdanovic Ind - SG,SF T. Bryant Was - C M. Bagley III Sac - PF D. Powell Dal - PF,C - Sunday of week 24 add - to chase blocks J. Parker Was - SF,PF J. Poeltl SA - C - Sunday of week 24 add - to chase blocks C. Wood NO - PF,C - Sunday of week 24 add - to chase blocks Notable drops: Domantas Sabonis Ind - PF,C - dropped on Sunday of week 24 (finals) Blake Griffin Det - PF - dropped on Sunday of week 24 (finals) T.J. Warren Pho - SF,PF - dropped at Saturday of week 24 (finals) Marc Gasol Tor - C - dropped at end of week 22 (bye week) Jerami Grant OKC - SF,PF - dropped at end of week 23 (semi-finals) Tomas Satoransky Was - PG,SG - dropped at end of week 23 (semi-finals) Jeff Teague Min - PG JaVale McGee LAL - C Enes Kanter Por - C
  4. Bagley too? That only adds to my pain. Yahoo doesn't allow for it. I read FanTrax does but it is not free like Yahoo.
  5. Is he going to bring more bacon tonight? That is the question...
  6. First place all season and won it by 17.5 games. Yet I'm down 4-5 with the season on the line tonight. Assists (-15), steals (-6) and blocks (-3) are not out of reach but not looking good. Shout outs to these fine gentlemen... Lavine - Dropped on the Sunday before the finals. Wish he could be trusted. Warren - Held in IR for the longest time. Finally dropped him last night. Was hoping he would come back and give me that last bump. Conley - Rested 1 game this week already and most likely sitting tonight.... could have saved me in the assists and maybe steals column. Embiid - You could have saved me in blocks last night ... Griffin - Sitting out last night came out of nowhere... WEAK Going to make a run for blocks and maybe steals. Wood, Poeltl and Powell are my adds today. Hail Mary time! In case anyone asks, my opponent has only missed 1 game from Love...
  7. Team is crashing and burning due to Lavine and Conley. Had to drop Lavine last Sunday and now looking to drop Conley depending on his status today ...
  8. I wonder if Irving's birthday yesterday would matter as to if he sits or not. Maybe he had a birthday party after the game or something ....
  9. Yahoo desktop version briefly had the updated stats around 6 AM EST earlier today. Not sure why it rolled back.
  10. Embiid still has the OUT tag. He has 7-7-2 right now.
  11. Robinson with 1 shot attempt ... is this your future superstar? Thanks Fizdale for nothing.
  12. He probably could have played but the Lakers never threatened in the 4th.