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  1. Its all gucci guy ! Anyone see the games yesterday ?
  2. Let me tell you a little story, My friends and I had gathered a pot of money and started this years fantasy league as tradition follows. Now, they know my fantasy football skills are good, but they didnt expect me to be able to pick a team better than theirs. We get to the draft, I'm 5th overall in a 6 man league. First pick - Bron. 2nd- Jokic. I also drafted Tatum, Mitchell, Wall, Sabonis, Booker, Gallinari, Tobias Harris, Marvin Bagley III, Domantas Sabonis, Rudy Gobert, and someone else who is drawing a black on my mind right now, needless to say he isnt important. Within 15 games of the season, I decided to go with a gut feeling I had about a few injuries would affect my team awfully, So I traded for Jimmy Butler, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, and Robert Covington and traded away Tatum Mitchell Wall and Booker. Stupid , right? WRONG! Wall has a season ending injury, booker has missed almost 20 games because of lingering injuries, Tatum and Mitchell have experienced some serious sophomore slumps while CP3 (despite his injury that kept him out awhile) is still racking up double-doubles with PTS and AST almost every game now, ROCO has not done much and I have dropped similar players like Bagley III for Montrezl Harrell who I think has ahd a better year fantasy wise, and D-rose topped it off with that 50 point game. I am currently beating the best team in the league right now in the first round in which he has Embiid, Vucevic, Giannis, Derozan, Westbrook, PG, Steve Adams, Myles Turner, and others that I dont feel like naming because I'm in class right now. But anyway, my best advice with getting a good team is to always stay updated with the schedule of most teams that are playing exceptional, and free agency is never a bad place for players that you know have an increased role and you can tell have been using their time for practice.
  3. IMO, The best three out of the nine in your list FANTASY WISE I would go with Marjonovic (since hes a backup C for Embiid and still racks up enough boards and minutes to be of some value), Gordon Hayward due to his increased role with the newly characterized Celtics and hes been showing his talent as of late, and Joakim Noah. Now you might not think he would be a good pickup, however, with Jaren Jackson Jr. out, and Valanciunis starting, Joakim Noah is the backup now and to be honest, playing a lot better than what EVERYONE though. I peeped his workouts during the season before he was getting picked up, and noticed that he's not out of the game yet.
  4. Yeah I dont know why anyone would think tyler johnson on the Suns would do any better on a team that has a top 3rd worst record this season then when he was on the heat, he was still s---y in my opinion. Jeremy Lamb is a good pickup, Torrey Craig on the Nuggets could be a potential role player coming off the bench, you also have Thad Young doing some work for that Pacers team who are playing the Thunder tonight, and i've also found that Kurucs on the Nets team that actually started against the thunder last night did pretty well as well.
  5. If Collins is not available, I would go hop on to FA right now and decide to pickup a PG like Rajon Rondo and Darren Collinson who are doing better with significant injuries affecting their teams play which equits more playing time for the both of these players. A player that I have also found pretty interesting keenness is in TJ McConnell on the 76ers. He may not be the best shooter, but its hard to find a better facilitating PG that plays as much minutes as him, plays better defense then him and can still hit that clean middie of one foot any day. I think his productivity is going to be well fantasy wise due to his likeliness to pass the rock more to open players and that bench of the sixers isn't necessarily as talented as say the Celtics bench.
  6. Drop Nance, and try not to rely on Gibson. I would try and cop John Collins, he's a readily available starter on a Hawks team that is struggling, yet his productivity is skyrocketing.
  7. Depends on who plays more minutes. I know Shai is coming off the bench with Lou Will while Pat Bev is starting (which is still pretty stupid imo) but anyway, I know Winslow is starting with the Heat its just a matter of will he get the rock or will Josh Richardson have a splash party again? Id go with Winslow
  8. No I feel you, but I feel like AD is experiencing some sort of "Shaq Syndrome" where his own legitimate talent and star power overrides his drafting teams capabilities to assure his future filled with championships and more support. I just dont see it. I get why he wants out because the Pelicans are a first round exit, regardless how AD performs on the court.
  9. Personally would keep Ben and Lou since Lou is the best player now standing on that clippers team and Ben will always be a solid contributor on the sixers since he plays the second most minutes I believe.
  10. Anyone else disappointed AD didnt get traded?
  11. With the trade deadline being as close that we can taste it, lets dive in to some pretty interesting moves that have been updated over the last few hours, Tobias Harris, Mike Scott, Boban Marjonovic sent to the 76ers for Wilson Chandler, Mike Muscala and Landry Shamet along with 2 first rounders. Was it worth it?
  12. Who's winning the East this year? Is there still any chance that the Bucks defense can continue performing the way they have and as for Giannis Antetekounmpo, well, enough has been said.
  13. Did James Harden already solidify is role as this years MVP or is there still a chance of someone catching up in the races?