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  1. Bump. New draft time of Saturday 9am EST.
  2. Draft pushed back. Would like more teams. Ideally the more the better. Looking for more managers that would like to commit for a couple of years.
  3. Looking for a few more owners for a Fantrax based keeper league. Premium league fee paid by the originator of the league. Looking for owners who are in it for the LONG haul. The league fee is $75 BUT IT COVERS YOU FOR THREE YEARS. That way we make sure the owners are drafting for the present AND future, not just current major league players. FULL payout over the 3 years. Fantrax League safe is in charge of the league fees. SO for $25 PER YEAR over 3 year period, it seems like a deal. Inquiries please email League is PLANNED to draft this Saturday am.
  4. Premium Keeper Leauge paid for so as to attract serious owners. Open to suggestions but will be a head-to-head league with 100% payout ($75 entry fee) to both division owners and league champion. If you would like information please contact
  5. Looking for managers to fill up a keeper head-to-head league fantrax-based draft. Premium league fee paid by myself. The league fee will be $75 this year with a full payout. Payouts to the division winners and the league champion. Planning on having 35 rounds with max 15 MLB keepers and 10 minor league players. Any questions, email at
  6. Premium Fantrax league designed to keep managers in the league for the long haul. The fee is $75 for THREE years. 15 MLB keepers and 8 minor league keepers. FULL payout over the 3 years. Ideally, the more teams the better so I have it set at 30 teams. Any questions, email