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  1. Knicks will be a good game to get his game going again
  2. really amazing what he does lately... absolutely superb
  3. I'm in a 14team league and I am holding only until the deadline, I can't see him producing consistently if Love and/or TT wo'nt be traded
  4. Damn I'm pissed at myself for dropping him too quickly...
  5. same here, just solid all around stats as we all expected before the season. Just hoping there will be no setbacks injurywise and he continues to perform on this level
  6. 15min is really low, as already mentioned he can do a lot of damage in only 20-25min since he put up great numbers last year in only 27min. After a week or two I guess he will be back in that area.
  7. I think Otto = Nurk >>> Wall Bulls are also just a few games behind and I guess he will find his rhythm down the stretch. Nurk doesn't need much minutes to contribute to fantasy. With Wall they already announced a couple of times that he will probably not play this season.
  8. He is the most reliable guy on my roster this year. So much fun to own him and I've become a huge fan!
  9. He was pretty solid last year and also at the start of the season plus he is only 22 years old. I don’t understand why so many demand every young kid to deliver 22/13 or something like that. Give him some time ffs
  10. What about those T-Wolves Trade Rumours? Anything happening here?
  11. Kuzma - Bogdanovic was on the table a couple of days ago, but I guess Sacramento will not do this
  12. Great game, absolutely amazing! I hope he continues to rise and be the Top Pick we have all been wating for
  13. still not back in his groove, but since I am failing this week anyway with so many injured players, he can take his time and hopefully get better by next week
  14. He won't do anything unless he gets moved....