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  1. Hi everybody i have 2 RB, 2 WR and one Flex Spot, who should I start from the guys above? Full PPR 10 Teams Brown and Golladay have great matchups as well as Singletary and David Johnson. But can I really sit Fuller, Jacobs and Mike Davis this weak?? WHIR of course, just drop a Link and I’ll take a look! cheers!
  2. I would say the same, WR is great and you don’t have a weakness on any position. A- for sure as long as Big Ben stays healthy! would be great if you could check out my team as well
  3. I think it’s a nice mix but would also try to trade OBJ for some younger WR + RB upgrade. Overall it’s definitely not as bad as you seem to see it
  4. Hi everyone, we started a new dynasty league with 4 keepers after the season. 0.5ppr instead of a D we play with one DL, LB and DB I had the 13th pick. QB Murray, Mayfield RB Sanders, Jacobs, Montgomery, Gibson, Hines, Mattison WR AJ Brown, DJ Moore, J. Raegor, D. Samuel, D. Mims, TE Hurst, Everett K Crosby DL Chase Young LB B. Martinez DB J. Adams what do you think? Should I try to trade for somebody? post a link to your team or question and I will definitely help in return. Thanks!!
  5. I have the 13th pick in a new 14team 0.5ppr dynasty league. We will keep 4 players after the season. Normally I would go RB/RB for sure with my first two picks but I don’t know if it’s maybe not better to go with a QB first? What do you think who I should take? WR between rounds 3-7 are enough with much potential, but the beginning is kinda tricky
  6. It defintely won't take that long. Either it gets restarted in maximum 8-10 weeks from now with maybe a shortened rest of the regular season or with immediate Playoffs, or the season will be canceled completely. Durant will be on the Court in the first game of the next season, not earlier.
  7. I didn't want to sound mean, for me it's totally clear that the studs who are injured right now are the ones you want to pick up if the league doesn't forbid it. GL
  8. then add everybody, why even the question? Look who is on your WW and who is not out until next year and give it a shot. Do you really need to hear that Simmons, KAT, Isaac, Thompson or Durant are good players for Fantasy?
  9. In my league where I'm the comissioner every player who is OUT as of today and on the WW, will not allowed to be picked up if the season continues at one point. If you still have them stashed in your IR or normal roster then of course you can use him. It's the only fair way to deal with this.
  10. damn I'm curious if it results in consequences for Rudy.... first the thing at the press conference, now this...
  11. There is so much money involved, so the NBA will do everything possible to resume to games asap and also play as much as possible. How many games and when this will happen of course nobody knows yet. In China the season was postponed in Mid January and will start again in April, so thats ~10 weeks hiatus. I think thats a good estimation also for the NBA. In my opinion the NBA rather has the season normally played out and play into the summer and therefore cancel the summer league than shorten the season or even cancel it completely. Of course that is all speculative and you cannot predict what will happen.
  12. In my league I locked all transactions and players who are on the WW and as of today season out are not allowed to be picked if the season continues (Isaac, Oubre, Brogdon but also someone like Durant, Wall, Thompson etc. etc.).
  13. Fairest imo would be to divide the money according to the standings as of right now according to the record. However as a Comissioner in my league and currently leading the league I think it would just cause many problems if I profit the most out of this scenario, we will wait until a real cancellation of the season happens and if so, I will devide the money between playoff teams and those who are still in contention. In Playoffs everything can happen due to injury, so if you're the #1 seed that doesn't mean that you're automatically winning the whole thing. It's tricky, but there is probably nothing else you can do about it what doesn't piss off all other players.
  14. wow nobody talking about his game yesterday? 24min with 14/10/2 with a steal and a 3 is something to work with