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  1. Sounds awesome. I love the slow drafts to get me through the cold winter months. i also love the twist with the MLB teams as well. Please send an invite to: jmcdao@gmail. Thanks!
  2. I know a lot of industry experts are choosing not to believe in Flaherty's 2nd half, but I'm all in. As a Cardinals fan, I watched most of his starts-- and the dude has an intensity and determination about him that is very reminiscent of Mad Max. He also regularly talks to Bob Gibson about pitching approach. Flaherty at his best is downright unhittable. His FB and Slider are both absolutely elite pitches. Personally, I have him as the favorite to win the NL Cy Young in 2020. I'd trade those 3 and probably even more to get him.
  3. Dynasty Points- Traded Casey Mize & Heliot Ramos for Julio Rodriguez
  4. I’d rather have Dominguez or Carlson, but would take Marco over the rest
  5. No doubt his stuff is filthy, but yeah- durability is a concern. Hard for me to take Snell over Clev, Flaherty, and Stras.
  6. Its crazy how different Mondesi’s value is in roto vs h2h. In roto, I wouldn’t trade Mondesi for George Springer. In points, yeah- I probably make this deal (above)
  7. I’d pick Lamet of the two, but mainly hoping that his helium continues to rise and I can trade him.
  8. agree expect I keep Marte over Stanton. Easier to find an OF later in the draft than a 2B
  9. I’d keep Marte 2B is so, so weak
  10. I think it's a great time to buy Lowe in dynasty leagues. Should be super cheap.
  11. Here in STL, Cards fans are pretty stoked about this deal. We've been trying to find a taker for JMart for over 2 years now, and getting a top-tier prospect for him seems like a best-case-scenario. With that said, JMart is one hell of a hitter and has a great personality. Your team will be more fun to watch and root for with him on the roster. He can hit in the middle of your order and will drive in runs. He wasn't a fit in STL because he is (and has always been) an absolute butcher in the field, no matter where you put him, and there is no DH in the National League (yet).