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  1. hrm i hope to hear status sooner than later. i have bagley on my IL spot.. received notification bagley is out for another 3 weeks...
  2. Schedule - Collins - April 1 (minn) , 3 (memphis), 5 and 7 Zubac - April 3 (hou), 5 (lakers), and 7 Advantage Collins - you can get two games already through the first 3 days. Kanter starts so he would be against Towns so collins facing saric? stretch center Zubac vs Capela Stats Wise Zubac has grabbed more boards but collins can pop 3's for you. Collins may have a better match up for boards too. I would lean Collins. Feel him out after monday's game.
  3. No clue. I’m hoping though. I got one move left and gotta figure out to drop him or to save a game from another player I was originally going to drop for a Saturday/Sunday player.
  4. nooooooooooo....... gotta hope for a career like game for saturday : (
  5. looks like i am chasing the B2B's friday/sat games.. currently i am winning FT, 3's, steals and to's.. normally i never win FT's and 3's.... pts: -34 boards: -18 ast: -15 blocks: -3 thinkin saric... but he is facing Warriors and Philly Boston is facing indy and nets... let me know your thoughts..
  6. kemba that ball hog. i dont even think Miles had one shot in the second half.
  7. Not a fun way to start championship week. 😓😓😓
  8. Brunson or Fred VanVleet - leaning towards brunson Brunson vs Sac Kings - fast pace Timmy Hard OUT, Luka GTD FVV vs Chicago - lowry is back
  9. any updates? i cant find any. sprained thumb on shooting hand. Anyone know the extent? what is the usual timeline for this type of injury? Thanks
  10. Ha that’s nothing. I have those two and rondo. I’ll gladly take their stat lines with those to’s
  11. my JJJ replacement. keep it rolling with the block party
  12. I am boarding that train as well. I havent heard/read anything about any physical activity being done. Even if he was brought back, i think it will be a slow process of mins.... Ill have to wait and see this week. I have him on my IL spot. i have Jrue sitting in inj as well. Luckily i have a first round bye this week
  13. After I sent my earlier message, I picked him up. Dropped my boy zeller :’(
  14. What is the expectation? He doesn’t look like an enticing add, Even with 30+ min the last two games,
  15. 😢 brutal. It’s lookin like I have a first week bye next week. I hope he will be back by semi
  16. make or break evening for keeping rondo? anyone with me?
  17. shoot ill take 6-8 assists a game. In the last 30 days he avg'ed 7.5 and that is with 3 games under 20 mins. His 30 day avg put him at 11th in assists. with 5.5 boards for a pg spot (10th avg rank for a pg).
  18. Dropped him on monday Picked him back up during the 3Q last night. What a cruel sick game you play Luke.