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  1. I would be interested in both leagues if there is still space. Let me know when you can. Thanks
  2. Good morning!  I saw your post looking for managers for a startup dynasty league.  I’ve been involved in fantasy baseball for the past 3 years, all on yahoo.  I have never been involved in dynasty league, but I’m an active and committed team manager.  If you think I might be a good fit for your startup, please email me at: 


    1. superman100679


      Unfortunately the last 2 spots I had were taken by other owners in my espn leagues but thanks for the message of interest.  If someone backs out I will keep you in mind.

    2. Seannybee83


      Ok thanks!  Have a great season.

  3. Curious if you’ve filled these positions yet. My email is:
  4. I’m interested! Been in a yahoo league the past 3 years (h2h 5x5 categories with only 5 keepers). Not the most experienced but very active and committed. If you’re still looking and think I might be a good fit my email is: thanks!
  5. Hey just curious if your last team is still available. If so I’m interested and I’d like to see the league settings.