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  1. I'd see if you can pull off trade 3. I wouldn't be confident having Mixon as my RB1, and even though your WRs will be thin, it's easier to pick plug and play guys off the waiver. Good luck.
  2. 10T Standard Who would you have ROS? Dalton's play today has me worried and on top of that Amari has more competition for targets than KG does. Is it close? WHIR always
  3. Rebounded nicely from his dud even though it was a garbage time TD. Thoughts on this guy's outlook ROS?
  4. I'm not really sure if the owner would accept, but maybe that's just me because I'm not high on TY as I think he's declining as a fantasy producer. But if you can get him to accept definite go for it, you seem to have decent RB depth without JRob.
  5. If Davante sits does that turn NO into a more favorable start?
  6. 10T Standard 2 Flex I was offered Kareem Hunt and Michael Gallup in return for David Johnson. As a Chubb owner, one side is telling me to jump at this for the insurance policy and Hunt can even offer some sort of standalone value depending on game script but in a decimated RB landscape I hate to be giving up the best RB in the trade that got 100% of the team's snap share in Week 2. Not to mention HOU's schedule is favorable after PIT. Gallup is potentially a top 30 WR and would instantly be my WR3 which is interesting but I've been starting 4 RB every week and he has seemingly been leapfrogged by CeeDee for the #2 WR in Dallas. What would you guys do here? RBs: Chubb, Jacobs, Gurley, DJ, Jeff Wilson, James White (IR) WRs: Golladay, Ridley, Slayton, DJax, Crowder (IR) Will always help in return!
  7. Thoughts and prayers to him and his family. But in terms of fantasy relevance, I'm starting to feel that having shares of the NE backfield is even worth it this year. Especially in standard leagues.
  8. I'd see if he bites on DJ + Goedert for Mixon depending how concerned he is with Mixon. I honestly don't think you can afford to give up any WRs due to lack of depth. Thanks for mine.
  9. I think OBJ and Fournette for Wilson is fair. Definitely do not give up Davante. Thanks for mine.
  10. I like upgrading Allen to Ridley and you have decent RB depth but you definitely need to ask for someone other than Darnold to make it fair. Thanks for mine
  11. Hines is the best option here due to upside, I feel like Green and Sanders have significantly lower floors. Thanks for mine!
  12. I would do it if you can get Slayton added in there. But 1 for 1 I wouldn't do it as I think people are overreacting to this early injury, and Conner's upside is significantly higher to me than Montgomery. Thanks for mine!