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  1. Ugly line or not it's his 3rd game of the year after dealing with suspension and injuries, so is it fair for people to be calling him a bum? It's only natural it will take some time to get back in the swing of things. No one goes through a year without bad games, a guy that averages 20/10 will have 30/15 games with some 10/5 games in between. It's ok to be frustrated but some of the comments I read on these forums are just downright comical, but hey I guess I need rage droppers in my league so guys like me can reap the rewards lol.
  2. This is the problem with these types of forums... Everyone is so reactive and people don't hesitate to call apocalypse after a bad game. Take everything you read here with a grain of salt, along with logic and reasoning peeeeeps.
  3. Just got this interesting offer. Dinwiddie probably has the worse outlook ROS because of Kyrie but Morant gets load managed like crazy. In a 10T H2H 9Cat who would you rather have?
  4. Do it. I refuse to trust CP3 ROS in fantasy.
  5. Bev literally offers you nothing aside from a handful of rebounds at the guard position and some steals. I'd drop him for the highest usage player in Pascall.
  6. 10T H2H 9 Cat So Lowry's just been chilling in my IR and I don't plan to bring him on until Sunday. I think my most droppable player is TJW since he doesn't offer much outside of points but still an efficient player and I know he'll get claimed as soon as he hits waivers. What are some 2 for 1 ideas that I should pursue? My team is punt TO and I find it well balanced already, so I appreciate any input you guys might have. Current roster: G Trae, Brogdon, Dinwiddie F RoCo, Isaac, Bojan, TJW C Embiid, JJJ, WCJ, Ayton, Adams, Sabonis
  7. I think last update said their target was December 1. So let's hope for Sunday.
  8. Major implications in my league as well if it was called a fumble lol. FF is crazy...
  9. I wasn't watching the game but did Mark Andrews get ruled for a fumble in that play the Rams challenged?
  10. JFC. I can't believe this dude got bullied by old man Gasol.
  11. Did this dude really just go 0/11 for 0 points? No FTs? Am I finally losing my mind or did this really happen?