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  1. i'm down 20 points in standard. Have to start 2 of: Jones, Boone, Davante Adams...gonna roll with the 2 packers and cross my fingers lol. Good luck, and hopefully everyone blows up!
  2. this was my only concern as well...however, if for some reason Packers get up on the scoreboard quickly, not sure how much passing work Boone would get; only concern there for him
  3. thanks - good luck to you as well; hopefully all 3 go off! lot of opportunity for Boone this week and lot of hype, so i wanted to get him into my lineup badly...however, i couldn't start him over Tyreek/Hopkins/Mixon/Drake.... wish i did start him over one of the first 3 on that list though 😕 I guess Jones and Adams it is, since they got me here...hopefully one of those 2 goes off and carries the other one lol
  4. have 2 flex spots open for Monday night and i'm down 20 in standard. which 2 would you start?
  5. Limited practice today. Hopefully he gets a full practice in tomorrow. Need him at 100% for game day!
  6. Limited at practice. Hope he gets in a couple full ones
  7. mixon, bring us to the chip please! he's our savior this week and will overcome the pats d
  8. only options i have are Allen and Cousins (vs chargers), so gonna roll with Allen this week...don't have options on the wire like Tannehill, Brissett, Fitz, Minshew...let's go Josh! Hope he rises above and delivers at least a solid statline
  9. would have said mixon, but he's removed himself from this list since week 8 Brandin Cooks sticks out to me...
  10. I think he has a good shot to produce. He’s a speedster unlike Cooper and Hopkins, so he may be able to break loose on a couple routes. As long as the weather cooperates!
  11. He’s elite but would understand sitting him for someone like a Ridley this week in a PPR just to see. Otherwise I agree you start him
  12. i'm guessing (hoping) that the crappy field in Mexico may have been a factor in him staying safe on the sidelines as well