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  1. Agreed. I can feel the hatred seething through that post lol. Higgins seems like a decent play this week. Also concerned about usage with DPJ in the mix.
  2. Bailed us out with a TD. Just keep plugging into the lineup is all we can do lol
  3. OBJ is a top level talent, not sure what everyone is so angry and bitter about in this thread. Sure you can argue that his production hasn’t been there consistently on the Browns, but that’s more on the connection with his QB and less on his talent alone. Some of those connection issues are his fault, and some might be play calling or the QB’s fault. Hoping the injury isn’t anything serious.
  4. WR2-WR3 range is a reasonable conservative expectation in his first couple games. Then we’ll see about WR1 possibilities!
  5. Ended up dropping him to take a risk on some fliers. Too much of a split with Gus and Dobbins and can’t see starting him
  6. Just depends on who you have to drop. Might as well hold for a couple weeks to see if he signs. If he doesn’t end up signing or if suspension is extended, then drop. No harm no foul.
  7. kupp is so trash wtf...have to catch that...leading to a goff int of course
  8. Hoping its precautionary and he plays this week...can't have Will fuller be my WR1 this week smh
  9. NFL bubble is the only solution lol.