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  1. Lane brother.... it says baseball. Anything in basketball? I used to be in some of your leagues in years past.
  2. One more thing. I want to join a league that is at least semi-active. Not one where everyone just plays and uses the waiver wire for players. Some trading going on but not leagues where if you are not on league chat for a day or two people freak out. No screamers if they don't get the trade offer they want. I like to moderately trade.
  3. Looking to join another Dynasty League. H2H Individual Cats league with at least 14 teams. Have 2 teams now in leagues that have been around for 7 - 10 years. Needs to be on ESPN. Don't mind taking over a team to rebuild just as long as each season draft order is determined by reverse league season final standings. Not too specific I know but I enjoy doing this and haven't had a rebuild team for years.