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  1. it is fair - i prefer the irving side though. if i am giving up irving for collins, i would want another young piece back or a draft pick.
  2. clarke, but maybe garland depending on team need.
  3. Im all aboard the derek henry pain train. TBH, I've never owned him before though in a league
  4. What do you guys think of Monk with Jeremy Lamb and Kemba gone in Charlotte?
  5. I am considering accepting a trade involving three teams in a dynasty league. I would give up the following players: Lauri Markannen Trae Young I would receive: Anthony Davis My current roster is as follows: Trae Young Russell Westbrook Kemba Walker Luka Giannis Lauri Jeremi Grant Jarrett Allen Dwight Powell Paul Millsap Bruno Caboclo Aaron Holiday Tyus Jones The rest of my roster is mostly filler. It is an 8 category 14 team H2H dynasty league. I am trying to contend and just acquired Kemba and Russ this summer by giving up young assets. My main hesitancy is the fact that I have AD, Luka, and Russ in my other dynasty league. Thoughts?
  6. lauri said he wasn't feeling well apparently.
  7. better than anything they will get this off season.
  8. yeah, Rabb should still get more minutes with JJJ being out.
  9. not a bad deal for you. MPJ is basically like a first round pick for rookies next year.
  10. what would you guys be willing to offer for anthony davis in a dynasty league?
  11. my mans was one assist shy of a triple double. rough shooting night though. not too worried about the percentages this year. those will come up i imagine in future seasons.
  12. is there a highlight video yet from tonight? dude a beast.