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  1. Questions Asked H2H Categories $25 Buy In $5 Premieum Features 25 Major Roster 25 Minors Roster
  2. 25 Team Dynasty League Starting Up, Draft Will Start Once Filled, No Salaries, Contracts, ECT You Own a Player Once Selected. If this Interests You, Read Through Overview of Rules Below. Reply with: Email Address ( Team Name & Colors: (Montpelier Syrupmakers - 1997 Marlins Colors) Coast2Coast Dynasty Baseball Constitution Overview: Rules will be held to what is stated in this Constitution with no adjustment in Year 1, but each year like MLB there will be discussion on rules that may need adjusting, adding, removing, expanding, ect but this will take 2/3 vote by the league and will only be able to do this from the time period of crowning a champ to MLB Winter Meetings. 1. League will be 25 teams 5 divisions of 5 teams (You create your team name, within reason [City-Mascot-Color Scheme] and a Custom Logo will be made for your team.[EXAMPLES IN LINK] ) 10 Teams will make the playoffs, 5 Division Champs, 5 Wildcards. 2. Line Ups will be set Daily. Scoring week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. 3. League will be run using FANTRAX and Instant Communication through GroupMe (Having the APP in Mandatory, Communication is the Key to a Successful League) 4. League fees $25 per season, $5 for premium features and held by FANTRAX Treasurer. 5. Rosters will be 50 players. 25 active MLB Roster and 25 Minor League Slots. 6. MLB Lineup: 1-C, 1-1B, 1-2B, 1-SS, 1-3B, 1-LF, 1-CF, 1-RF, 2-UTL, 4-SP, 4-RP, 7-Reserve Players. 7. Draft: Slow Snake- 1st 5 rounds with an 8 Hour Timer, Next 5 rounds with a 6 Hour Timer, Next 5 rounds 4 Hour Timer, Next 5 rounds 2 Hour Timer, Remaining rounds 1 Hour Timer. (User may draft any player they see fit - Major/Minor) 8. Each Year there will be a 4 Round Rookie/International Draft in January of the next season. The Draft Order will be lottery drawn LIVE ping pong balls of the lowest 10 in standings, included will be the winner of the first 4 out of the playoffs tournament making the top 11 picks a lottery. The following 3 rounds will be reverse order of finish from the previous season final standings for 1-15 and 16-25 will be playoff seeding reversed. Once all teams have paid the draft will be scheduled. (This lottery done to discourage tanking, and keep owners involved throughout) 9. Replacing/Adding Owners: The previous owners roster will be placed in to an expansion draft, along with each remaining team protecting 15 players + the amount of teams in the expansion draft. (example: 2 expansion teams = owners protect 17 players) The draft will be held offline on the league forum. Thus giving a true MLB like experience and allowing replacement owners the opportunity to have “Their” team. If the league votes to expand then we will have an expansion draft with only 15 players protected as there is no teams roster added to the pool. 10. Schedule, each team will play multiple (2) opponents each week. The roster you set will be the same for each matchup. You may make substitutions every day once the scoring period has begun. You will have 5 minutes before the player’s scheduled game of the day to make a change. 15. Trades: During the initial draft picks may be traded for draft picks but no players will be exchanged the initial draft. No veto vote for these trades. After initial draft trades: All trades will have a 1 Day veto period in which it will take a 2/3 league vote to nullify the trade. When making a trade both owners must submit in the league forum their reasoning for the trade to help give a better understand to the other owners reviewing for veto vote (No reasoning has to be given by an owner giving a veto vote, if requested by another owner it would be common courtesy to reply with reasoning but is not expected). If an owner plans to trade a future years draft pick during the season, the two teams involved must pay their next year’s league fees before the trade will be approved. (This is done to help with the integrity of the league.) During the off season teams making any trades will have to pay their league fees before trade will be approved. ANY TEAM WHO MAKES A TRADE AND WISHES TO LEAVE/QUIT IS FORFIETING THEIR LEAGUE FEE AND NOT ELIGIBLE FOR REFUND, so think before you trade. Teams Already In: (Looking for More) Montpelier Syrupmakers Wisconsin Udder Tuggers New Hampshire Blue Birds Burlington Bullets Detroit Kittens Lousiana Rajun Cajuns Meridian Meadowlarks
  3. Very Interested Fargo Frontiersmen (could it just be Frontier, if not that's fine)