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  1. Miles Bridges! Man is looking confident playing at the 4 and looked great post ASB last season. Need my mans @MilesBridgesBetterThanZion to back me up
  2. I don’t understand why Gentry wouldn’t play him when he was complimenting how solid he is on defense. And if they are really trying to make the playoffs, he should get more minutes cause his efficiency
  3. Is there any news on the Mavs trying to move him? Been holding just in case, but seems like the market is quiet
  4. Seems like an impending trade to the suns is happening
  5. Anyone been watching the games that can talk about his playing recently? Hes been stepping it up, especially in steals
  6. What is going on with this guy lately...4 TOS in the 1st quarter with terrible shooting and Hes missing a lot of free throws now
  7. Y'all can keep hating on this man, but he has 6 blocks before halftime. And has been putting up almost top 30 value this year. For where he was drafted (80-90s), man is absolutely destroying
  8. Both guys are beast but on minute restrictions. Clarke is more scoring but Noel is more stocks. Hard for me to decide which one to ride with for the rest of the season and just wanted some fantasy opinions on this
  9. Id say Rondo for straight assists and maybe steals. Bemby could also potentially get you some more steal and blocks but thats about it. Def between those two in my opinion.
  10. Jrue will for sure get you 2nd round value. Although he hasn't been doing well, i actually think his stats and efficiently will look better with ingram and zion back. Too much attention on him right now, and he will get you a s--- ton of steals, assists and even some 3's with the chance of a 30 point game every here and there. think jrue would be a win for you
  11. 9 cat, H2h 10 teams. Been lacking pretty hard on rebounds this season so wanted to target a good big to get rid of draymond and got lucky that an owner accepted this. Is it a good win for me though?? Would love your opinion guys!
  12. No one too amazing, I have Collins and Draymond both in my IL (play in a friendly league where they let me drop Collins and consider him IL) and I currently have Glenn Robinson in a streaming spot. Also have Wright and SCHRÖDER who I think could become streaming spots at any moment. But league is pretty active so waiver wire is little dry. Best players are prob gasol and Jaylen brown but after that no one really close