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  1. I would really like to see this guy stick in the starting rotation.
  2. I'm letting everyone else go after Happ. I like: Christian Walker Gio Urshela Wil Myers Austin Riley Quintana Porcello Céspedes
  3. I just changed my name to 'Mass mHuerter'
  4. I think I'm on the Frank train. Kid was nice in Wisconsin too.
  5. They did just lose a huge offensive player. With 1 game back from wild card spot, expect him to play every day moving forward.
  6. I think it is because Baltimore is starting a lefty. Should be good the rest of week.
  7. smh. Ankle sprain's are at least a 2 week thing.
  8. I tried so hard to trade for this guy. Sorry for your lost.
  9. Did they remove the tag? it shows GTD now...
  10. Adalberto Mondesi and Tim Anderson are two sneaky players I expect to have good sb numbers.