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  1. Hello everyone, If any of you're looking to be replacement manager, I've got a Dynasty League in it's 2nd-year in desperate need of an active replacement GM!! It is an H2H points league on the Yahoo platform with a 30 player roster! There are no trade deadlines, no waivers, and I've adjusted the settings for higher scoring! A little bit of the backstory... We started this League last year with a 15-man roster + 5 IL slots. We also traded draft picks last season & will continue to do so every season. Unlike most leagues, this is unique in the fact that at the end of the season, you are able to keep 15 players of your choice, the other 15 will go back into the player's pool for next season's rookie draft! I've listed all the players below, if you are interested, please shoot me an email at steventetreault@ymail.com & I'll send you the invite! Just so you know, the team you'll be taking over doesn't have the best record, but even though it's been an orphaned team since the start of the season, one of my other GM's had offered to keep the team afloat, until I could find a replacement. This is obviously going to be a first come first serve, so get in touch with me ASAP!!! Jrue Holiday, Shai Gileous-Alexander, Patrick Beverley, E'Twaun Moore, Harry Giles, Taurean Prince, Thaddeus Young, Marcus Smart, Mitchell Robinson, Jaren Jackson Jr, DeWayne Dedmon, Cameron Johnson, JaMychael Green, Jeff Teague, Collin Sexton, cedi Osman, Bojan Bogdanovic, Enes Kanter, Karl-Anthony Towns, Grant Williams, Rodney McGruder, Noah Vonleh, DJ Augustin, Josh Richardson, Troy Brown, Zhaire Smith, Denzel Valentine, Thon Maker, DeAaron Fox, D'Angelo Russell, & Marvin Bagley 3rd. Best regard's, Steve
  2. Hi Josh, I have a friend who lives in Melbourne Australia! Listen, I literally just found someone to take Braden's team, but would you consider taking the other team? We're drafting in like an hour and I need to get you in at as soon as possible! Also, I'll need your email address or you can send an email to me at steventetreault@ymail.com
  3. I almost forgot to put the link for the settings in oh, here you go! https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/40960/settings
  4. Hello Rotoworld friends! Look, I really need some help here! I've got my draft tonight at 7 EST & it's really important to me to have it filled before we draft! The too GM's in need of replacement couldn't even be bothered to help me by doing the rookie draft as they let me know last minute that they weren't returning! I don't understand why, as you can see from the teams I have available below, they aren't bad teams! Braydens team: Stephen Curry, Kemba Walker, Draymond Green, Donovan Mitchell, Kevin Love, Buddy Hield, Bam Adebayo, Jonathan Isaac, Larry nance.jr., miles Bridges, Malik Bridges, Joe Ingles, Justin Winslow, Will Barton, & Jabari Parker. Magic's Bird's team: Karl Anthony-Towns, Michael Robinson, DeAaron Fox, Jrue Holiday, Jaren Jackson Jr, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Marvin Bagley lll, Josh Richardson, D'Angelo Russell, Cody Zeller, Jeff Teague, Enes Kanter, Collin Sexton, Cedi Osman, & Taurean Prince we've got a good group of people, the league is a lot of fun and I hope to hear from you!
  5. Hi everyone, I've got to leave that's drafting tomorrow night at 7 pm. The worse part is that 1 of my GM's just waited to tell me until the day before our rookie draft! I'll list the players below, but if you're interested, you'll have to act fast as I said, we're holding our rookie draft tomorrow at 7 pm EST! This league is a lot of fun oh, great group of GM's, high scoring, and completely customized! This league is in his second year so the team is very well established as you can see. New Player Note Stephen Curry GS - PG,SG  Player Note Kemba Walker Bos - PG  -- Player Note Draymond Green GS - PF,C  -- Player Note Donovan Mitchell Uta - PG,SG  -- Player Note Buddy Hield Sac - SG  -- Player Note Kevin Love Cle - PF,C  -- New Player Note Bam Adebayo Mia - PF,C  -- Player Note Jonathan Isaac Orl - SF,PF  Player Note Miles Bridges Cha - SF  -- Player Note Joe Ingles Uta - SG,SF  -- Player Note Mikal Bridges Pho - SG,SF  -- Player Note Justise Winslow Mia - PF  -- Player Note Will Barton Den - SG,SF  -- Player Note Jabari Parker Atl - SF,PF  -- Player Note Mikal Bridges Pho - SG,SF  6
  6. Hey, sorry I took so long. I just sent you the invite, I hope you enjoy rebuilding this team!!
  7. Hi Everyone! I've got a 2nd-year Dynasty League in need of 3 replacement GM's! You'll have to forgive me for not including all of the details in my post, I'm quadriplegic & I type with my mouth, using a special stylus & a touchscreen laptop. That being said, it would have taken me forever to type all the settings & players into this post. This league is not like any other you've ever been in as we have very little structure. I wanted to create a more exciting & realistic experience! There are no waivers, no trade deadline, no acquisition limitations, & very high scoring! There are 2 links, the 1st link is a look at all of the rosters & the 2nd is a link to the settings. Feel free to take a look at both & let me know if you're interested. The name of the 3 teams available are called "Beerman," ."The Greek Boys," & "Magic's Bird". If you''re interested in taking over any of these teams, either include your email in the comments or shoot me an email at steventetreault@ymail.com & I'll send you the invite. There is a sense of urgency as our 15 RD Rookie Draft this coming Sunday, the 21st at 7 PM EST, so don't wait too long or you'll really miss out! Link to rosters: https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/40960/startingrosters Link to settings: https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/40960/settings
  8. Hi Everyone! I've got a 1st-year Dynasty League in need of a replacement manager! You'll have to forgive me for not including all of the details in my post, I'm quadriplegic & I type with a special stylus & a touch screen laptop. That being said, it would have taken me forever to type all the settings/players into this post. There are 2 links, the 1st link is a look at all of the rosters & the 2nd is a link to the settings. Feel free to take a look at both & if you're interested, let me know. The name of the team available is called "Don't Ever Doubt Me". If you are interested in taking over the team, shoot me an email at steventetreault@ymail.com & I'll send you the invite. Link to rosters: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/27853/starters Link to settings: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/27853/settings I hope to hear from you!
  9. This year, I commissioned a 10-team, H2H, PTS-based Dynasty League with a special twist that really adds a flare to the game! I like to call this twist, "Extreme Fantasy!!" Why "Extreme Fantasy," you ask??? Let me tell you... This league is not for the light-hearted, it's high-scoring & pretty much everything goes! Feel free to work with others, trade however you like, streaming players are allowed without restriction, &, there's. no trade deadline to allow for off-season trading! I was so tired of playing in the same types of leagues, with the same rules, so I decided it was time to shake things up a bit! Of course, like anything else, some of the managers loved the idea, but some absolutely hated it, hence why I need to find a replacement. Personally, I feel like as long as the rules are the same for everyone & the Commissioner Tools aren't being used for my personal gain, then what the hell is the problem!? I grow so tired of people that are simply afraid to step out of their comfort zone & try something or different!! Team Available: PG Chris Paul Hou - PG SG Bradley Beal Was - SG G Derrick Rose Min - PG SF Aaron Gordon Orl - SF,PF PF Paul Millsap Den - PF,C F Trevor Ariza Was - SG,SF C Serge Ibaka Tor - PF,C C Jahlil Okafor NO - C Util Tomas Satoransky Was - PG,SG GTD Util Terrence Ross Orl - SG,SF Util Jerami Grant OKC - SF,PF GTD BN Joe Harris Bkn - SG,SF BN Wesley Matthews Ind - SG,SF BN Jamal Murray Den - PG,SG BN Monte Morris Den - PG IL Kyle Anderson Mem - SG,SF Injured IL Elfrid Payton NO - PG Injured IL Lonzo Ball LAL - PG Injured IL Wendell Carter Jr. Chi - C Injured If you're interested in taking this team, as you can see, you won't be getting first place this year. But, on the bright side, this dynasty league has no time limit, so you've got all the time in the world to turn things around! Hell, I love taking on teams like this oh, it's fun rebuilding them, taking somebody's mistake and being able to turn it into a playoff Worthy team! Alternatively, you may also email me directly at the email address listed below! Regards, steventetreault@ymail.com
  10. @n.mollov; Hey, when you said "email sent," were you referring to me or one of the other guys? Also, I sent you an email yesterday? It was in regards to two teams that I have available in a No Holds Barred style Dynasty League in its first year. I sent you the email from steventetreault@ymail.com if you didn't get it, let me know and if you were referring to me joining your league, I'd be honored to accept the invitation, but could you please resend it to the email address above? I either erased it by mistake or just didn't receive it. I literally make the perfect manager as I've got plenty of time for it! I'm disabled, due to a car accident I was in when I was younger and type with my mouth, so I use a touch screen Chromebook and sometimes hit buttons accidentally. But I'm a very dedicated manager and love playing fantasy sports! You have my word, if you bring me on as a manager in your league oh, you won't regret it as I have tons of time on my hands and eat, sleep, crap, and live for basketball!! If the spot is already filled on your league, please, keep me in mind if another spot opens up as I have a lot to offer and you won't regret it! For anyone else reading this thread, I have two teams available in my 10-Team, 15-player (plus 5 IL slots), H2H, Pnt's-based, Dynasty League. This league you'll find to be very unique as it's high-scoring, with an anything goes! Think of it like the TV show, Survivor innocence that you can do whatever it is you need to to win! Of course, within reason, obviously, you can't harass someone into trading their player to you, but you can make deals with people, like short-term trading ( or, borrowing players, if you will)!! Also, you're allowed to stream players unlimited without restriction and all trades are approved by the Commissioner! To effectively be able to do this, I've set it up so that all players on the wire are always FA's! Just to be clear, all trades get approved no questions asked, and if anyone double crosses another manager in a short-term trade, all they have to do is provide me proof and I'll reverse the trade using commissioner tools! This is strictly set up to be nothing more than an extreme form of playing fantasy basketball, not some elaborate way to cheat or get one over on anyone! The rules are the same for everyone, so nobody has any advantages over anyone else, the only difference is, you have to pay close attention and have the willingness to do whatever it takes to win! If you are reading this and it interest you, send me an email and I'll send you an invitation, but please, only serious players who can handle this kinda organized chaos!! LOL Regards, Steve
  11. @n.mollov; If things don't work out with @iowncrazyhair, let me know! I'm an extremely dedicated manager & I'd be honored to be in a dynasty league going into its 16'th year! I've got my own dynasty league (in its 1'st year) that I'm looking for 2 managers for. I don't know if you'd be interested as this league isn't for the lighthearted! See, we're using what I like to call a No Holds Barred style of play, meaning that all the usual rules & regulations in most fantasy leagues don't exist in our league! Players are encouraged to do whatever it takes to win, stream as many players as you want, team up with other managers to help each other out with short-term trades, & no trade deadline to allow for off-season trading! One of my managers, Harry calls it Extreme Fantasy & we're even planning on adding an NFL dynasty league in the fall with a full 14-man roster (7 Off & 7 Def players + 5 BN & IL spots)! If you're interested or know anyone who would be, let me know via email. steventetreault@ymail.com Also, if another team ends up opening up, please, shoot me an invite! Regards, Steve