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  1. Interested in the Saints, but I have a few questions. Please email me at
  2. Lowered the buy-in to $12.50 to get spots filled. Should only have about 8 squares left. Who else wants in?
  3. 1 more week. Still plenty of spots. Who else is interested?
  4. Just about a quarter of the way full. Who else wants in?
  5. Deadline can be pushed to March 20th. Squares are not finalized until payment is in though.
  6. It's currently set for March 19th (First four does not count towards payouts). Sending you an email now.
  7. I'm seeing if anyone would be interested in getting in on some squares for the NCAA tournament? It's very similar to football squares for those of you that have done that before. It's a good way to stay engaged throughout the whole tournament after your bracket gets busted, because you can win money for every single game and you can win more than once. Your numbers will change up each round so that no one can complain about having bad numbers. Payouts: Round of 64 - $10/game Round of 32 - $25/game Sweet 16 - $40/game Elite 8 - $75/game Final 4 - $150/game Championship - $360 for halftime score, $500 for final score If you guys are following the math, that equals a $25 buy-in/square with 100% payout. Money will be paid through Leaguesafe. Once all the squares have been filled, I will randomly generate the numbers for each round. Below is a link that you can view the squares chart. If this is something you're interested in shoot me an email at with how many squares you want and you can pick the number 1-100 that you'd want your name in. I'll also send you over the leaguesafe link.