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  1. Interested in CAL or CAR if still available.
  2. I can choose to keep either Victor Hedman (29yo) or Mikhail Sergachev (22yo) in a dynasty league. Scoring categories are Goals, Assists, SOG, Special Teams Points, Blocks, Hits, Takeaways, and FOW... Am I out of mind for considering keeping the younger Sergachev? This is a cap league, so there's ~$7MM in savings if I keep Sergachev...
  3. Is this team still available? Interested if it is. alexanderjwa at
  4. Very interested if you still have spots available. Can you email me an invite to the league?
  5. $50 through Leaguesafe. Draft is this weekend. Email if interested
  6. I’ve got a $50 16 team H2H dynasty needing one more guy. Draft is this weekend. Email me if interested.
  7. Interested. Would also like to see league settings.