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  1. Good thing the Warriors don't have a back to back. Hopefully the 1 day rest in between games is enough time for him to recover.
  2. Let’s hope for a nice comeback in the 2nd half!
  3. He just got the INJ tag from yahoo even if he's missed just 2 consecutive games. What gives? Is he going to miss an extended period of time? I haven't seen any report so far.
  4. Questionable for tom due to left calf soreness. I hope he plays as i really need his blocks.
  5. Solid outing by Naz! Wish he had some blocks but this line is very encouraging. The 32 minutes were great as well.
  6. Will Garland’s role take a hit because of this development? The coach seems to like Porter a lot.
  7. What happened? I know it was a blowout but only 17 minutes for him this game?
  8. If Beiline steps down, do you guys see any improvement in Garland's play ROS? The minutes are there but it doesn't seem to translate to nice fantasy lines. I'm so tempted to drop him for Naz Reid.
  9. Henson playing well so far. If Markief gets bought out then maybe that clears the way for Thon to get consistent minutes?
  10. How will John Henson affect his minutes though?
  11. And Jordan Bell. There must be a follow up trade or something.
  12. Is he gonna soak up minutes post ASB? I'm really close to dropping him. just holding off because of his ROS potential.