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  1. Ahh yeah I imagine they do the same. Seems like the fairest way to settle it. To many ifs and buts in doing it any other way. Sucks for my title contending teams but it is what it is.
  2. Fantasy is over for NBA. You can't continue leagues with a bunch of missing players. Also its going to be like no regular season or very limited anyways. Sure we can have postseason leagues. Pro leagues will be finished. The question is are they going to just refund everyones money or figure out another way.
  3. I took him over Lindor in my roto league with walks as a cat. In general I agree with you. That said I think Soto has a untapped ceiling being so young so I wouldnt blame someone for taking him over Lindor.
  4. pitcherlist has him 12th. I'd put him over Morton and Snell. I think him,Corbin,Castillo are all close. For sure not a stretch for him to be top 10 on someones list.
  5. Yeah i just did the same thats 11 drafts. High stakes guy value speed and ceiling which Jo-Ram offers over Arenado. I get why some guys prefer the consistent numbers Arenado can give you. Just for me with trade rumors and lack of speed in the draft I'm going Ramirez every time.
  6. JoRam missed nearly a 1/5th of the season and had a awful start. Still finished with 23hrs 24sb. Look the season before to see what his upside is. Arenado has no speed whatsoever and could get traded lowering his value. So actually doing this right today looking at high stakes NFBC drafts from 3/1-3/16 which is 11 drafts: Jose R. going 11adp Nolan A- going 15th adp I think what this says is high stakes players are valuing the ceiling and sbs of Jo-Ram over the safety of Arenado. What can we take from this? If you're in a soft league it may make more sense to take Arenado because you will get a bigger edge over others with smart waiver moves and just drafting better since the league is spot. In a tougher league it makes sense to go for ceiling. Personally I'm always taking Jo-ram over Arenado. I feel like I can find the cats Arenado offers easier throughout the draft. I dont want to be forced into grabbing a one dimensional SB later. I believe in Ramirez continuing what he showed in the second half.
  7. NM its only showing 2 drafts I had the search set wrong or something my mistake! I'd say look back after todays draft.
  8. Dont mind me I'm a noob who put in the search wrong. Only two drafts are showing and JoRam is at 9 Nolan A at 14. We shall see where it ends after today but I'm guessing the sharks are on JoRam.
  9. Yeah I dont know what settings I had it on thoguht I was on high stakes recent days but just looking at the past two days your right I'm a noob lol.
  10. 28 drafts on main even weekend is pretty relevant. Thats 28 diff mock drafts from high stakes players its clearly very valuable information. That said I'm seeing diff ranks then OP. Degrom 4 overall Cole 6 overall Walker B 12 Max 13 JV 15 Jack F 17 Bieber 27 Strasburg 28 Mike C 31 LUIS C 32 Lucas G 37 Yu Darvish 38 Corbin 40
  11. Looking at the 28 high stakes drafts on NFBC in the past 3 days looks like the sharks are higher on JoRam. Nolan A going pick 16 JoRam going pick 11. Speeds just so valuable these days. Nolan A is the safe guy,JoRam is the guy who can win a league for you.
  12. Looking at the 28 high stakes drafts on NFBC in the past 3 days looks like the sharks are higher on JoRam. Nolan A going pick 16 JoRam going pick 11. Speeds just so valuable these days.
  13. Agreed. Just giving it to 1st place is awful as anything can happen in the playoffs. So many what ifs per each league to really figure out a fair way to compensate everyone. Like I've got a team in 6th place thats been on a tear has Wood/White etc and has just taken down the 1 and 2 seeds in b2b weeks 6-3. This team is now the favorite to win the league. So I'm going to get 6th place money or nothing at all and the first 3 places win? Its going to be really difficult to figure out a fair way to distribute prize pools.Everyone will do whats in their best interest to make the most cash. Playing on yahoo im just hoping they say "due to these events we will refund everyone in the league". It sucks im going to be up money in NBA. Its just nothing is really going to be all that fair. Sure you can say "well its not fair I put my time in to play my team is best", yeah thats true but nothing is going to workout to 100% fair here. This is supposed to be a fun hobby that we play and other things trump the hobby sometimes.
  14. Absolutely. Personally I was all over him anyways. I imagine the days of him falling into the 4-5th round are over.