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  1. Always seems like he does better with Oladipo in the lineup, injuries notwithstanding
  2. Maybe because this dude just dropped 32 points with 7 steals. Just spitballin' here.
  3. This dude turns into a pumpkin every time I pick him up.
  4. Lord of the flies on the corpse of your blocked shot attempt.
  5. Thank you, my man. 12% on 33 shots is brutal.
  6. Holy **** this dude, RoCo and Sato just ******** murdered me
  7. Let's all stop arguing and just be thankful I hit the eject button in January, guys.
  8. Apparently the rest of the team forgot that they should pass him the ball?
  9. Jonas just took out some real estate in Whiteside's skull.
  10. I've had enough of my solid shooters bricking free throws these last few weeks, I don't need to add anyone else to that list.
  11. I keep thinking about picking this kid up, but can't stomach that FT%
  12. Started Richardson instead of him last night. *sigh*
  13. The dude just came back from being injured for a year. Also, Pacers had major turnover over this off season, so he's having to work out how he fits in the team. He's a strong hold, and if you drop him, you'll regret it. Don't let three games of suckage scare you.
  14. It has been foretold, it has been fulfilled. Amen.