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  1. What I could never believe is how Dodger games were blacked out in Las Vegas. 5 hr drive to dodger stadium from Las Vegas.
  2. Ricky just stopped at 2nd on purpose on potential triples so he could steal 3rd
  3. Barry has 7 total also 2nd best is 3. M Trout Might get to 7 but not 4 in a row
  4. He didn't pitch in 2019 at all and won;t this yr either. He has to pinch in 2023 and get a win to beat it > Its safe no shot
  5. Here is some more Quirky records that will not get broken Jamie Moyer: Oldest pitcher to win a game 49 yrs 151 days. Red Barrett: Complete game in 58 pitches. Toby Harrah: once played SS in both games of a double header 18 innings and didn't touch the ball once. Robbie Thompson: 4 Caught stealing in one game. Luke Appling: 24 foul balls in 1 AB Russ Ortiz: 62 pitches in 1 inning
  6. Davis is still 762 Ks away its safe. Reggie sucked Nobody will ever wiff more then him
  7. Unless pitching rules are changed CY Young's many records Including 511 wins, 7356 innings pitched will never be touched. Nolan Ryan; 7 No Hitters, 5714 Ks career, 384 ks season. Rodgers Hornsby; .424 batting ave for a season Ty Cobb: .367 Lifetime batting ave Joe DiMaggio: 56 game hitting streak Barry Bonds: 762 Hrs career, 73 hrs season, 232 walks in a season 120 Intentional walks season 2558 Walks Career. Ichiro: 10 consecutive 200 hit seasons. Vince Coleman: 3 consecutive 100 SB seasons, 50 consecutive SBs without being caught. Reggie Jackson: 2597 Career strikeouts. Albert Belle: Only player in history with 50 doubles and 50 hrs in a season.
  8. Hummm so when I took my old boy scout pocket knife on a airplane back in 1985 in my pocket with my car keys and a few coins I was not allowed to do it?
  9. Normal like you knew it before Is NEVER coming back. Like 911 we don't fly like we Normally did before 911. we do things Much different now . Before 911 you could take guns knives whatever you wanted pretty much on airplanes has long has they fit in the overhead door. and they used to have Smoking on the plane too. Everyone could walk around the airport at will if they had a ticket or not. Curb side baggage check in You met you pick up at your gate for your ride. Didn't have to take off your shoes and belts and go thru 3 sets of screening to get on a plane. That was normal back then. Normal is never coming back
  10. Maybe I am Maybe I ain't LOL But like 911 life is going to be a lot different moving forward.
  11. Yes Its permanent forever. We can simply not take a chance with large groups of people gathering anymore its to dangerous. Just like our Behavior was modified by 911 and we all accepted all the safety and security inconveniences at the airport we didn't use to have. This is a farther modification to take away more freedoms from you life and give us more sanctions and restrictions.
  12. Its the 1st one I have ever heard of that closed down everything and told everyone to stay home.
  13. For at least the last 50 yrs we all been told we should carpool to work to reduce the carbon emissions to the earth. Now we are being told 1 person per 1 car so which is it now? I do hope Airlines take out the middle seat from all airplanes cause 3-5 people bunched together in a row like that is very unsafe. Also All sports arenas and stadiums, Music venues, and movie theaters need to remove every other seat so that people can practice proper social distancing while attending a event. Amusement parks also need to take out the snake line bars while waiting in line which puts a lot of people in close proximate of each other to ride a ride. have each ride be a single file line with 5 ft of space between each person. People are no longer allowed to gather in large groups anymore for anything ever again. All Casinos must also take out every other slot machine on its floor so that people don;t have to sit to close to each other. Also before you touch a video gaming device you must wait for a floor attendant to come by and spray your machine with alcohol. Poker rooms are now no longer allowed to have rooms full of tables with 9 players per table 5 players per table max. The world will NEVER be the same again .