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  1. Right after I say that he comes alive lol
  2. Why does he have to have his weakest performances when they matter most for me 😭
  3. I finally dropped him before the game started today -- I'm in an extremely tough semi-final match up this week, was not about to wait around to see if he returns.
  4. Kind of an ehh game yesterday too 😕 I'm about to have a playoff matchup with someone who's really good at steals, so I'm not really sure if he's worth holding anymore
  5. Seems like he's making his debut today. Not expecting much since he'll probably be rusty, but hopefully he looks decent.
  6. He's probable for today's game 🙌 Not saying this is going to fix his attitude and minutes problems that he's got going on right now, but at least it means he's not going to be shut down. I was about to drop him because I thought he might be out for a while, but I'm so glad I didn't because his stock numbers are way too valuable to just let go.
  7. I'm putting all of my faith in him for my playoffs, he is now the Chosen One, plz do not let me down
  8. playoffs are starting next week so I'm considering dropping him for either Theis or using his spot to stream if it seems like he's going to be out for a while...wish we'd get a more clear idea 😬
  9. Solid game today, no? Far from a exclamation point that he's back, but good enough for me to pick him up and see how he follows it up on Saturday.
  10. I'm telling yall, if he was healthy he would have........ah forget it lol
  11. Kind of a disappointing game...hoping it's just the rust
  12. As I've said quite a few times already in this thread before, I'm a Pistons fan. And therefore I should be doubly embarrassed that I made the mistake of making the post I did above since I've seen Andre at his worst so many times before. He's a HUGE baby -- when he doesn't get his way or when he feels like someone slighted him, he does the opposite of the great ones do: he becomes horrible. I have a bad feeling that tonight is just the start of more problems for the rest of season (I know this totally contradicts what I said in my previous post, but again, I wasn't taking into account what I know about Andre in my previous post, I was just going off his stats as a Cav).
  13. I too would love a legit update, this is the latest thing I could find (posted last week)
  14. I mean, I definitely don't think it's quite as bad as some of you are making it out to be. He's still a clear hold, and if it wasn't for the turnovers (or if you're punting turnovers), he's actually been performing very solidly. The big problem is that he WAS performing at 1st round level prior to the trade, and now he's no where near that. But I'd say his floor is a little above Jarrett Allen level going forward. Which is pretty solid.