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  1. Anybody feel like he's someone to hold in 10 team leagues? He's been stringing together some nice games, and looks good out there. But I'm guessing inconsistent minutes will make him more of just a streaming option?
  2. Sooooo glad that he's started to become reliable over the past 2 weeks after that horrible start to the season. I was thinking I made a mistake drafting him lol
  3. Man now I see what yall were so mad about lol. Why the Grizz gotta be so lame 😤
  4. He's shot close to 35% on around 20 attempts per game over the last 5 games 🤮
  5. He's slowed down big time over the last week, and is off to a horrible start today. Anybody have any idea why he's been playing so poorly?
  6. He's been incredible over the last week (basically his prime numbers last season).
  7. This was just a game he really shouldn't have played in at all because he was injured (in fact, I'd even say that it's nice to see that he had the toughness to try playing through it at all). And it's not like he misses games constantly -- I think he's only missed 1 other game this season? I don't know what you guys are expecting, he's a rookie that's played absolutely amazing and super consistently so far this season. I'd actually say the only other rookie remotely close to being worthy of being Fantasy Rookie of the year thus far is Morant. Give him a break for getting injured and basically having a non-factor game because of it.
  8. He's going to have "solid" games every now and then, but his lowest lows just absolutely crush FG% and turnovers. And he's hardly good for anything other than points and 3's, and decent at steals. You're better off playing the wire imo.
  9. Yeah he is one of the worst players I've ever held onto this long. I'm disgusted that I bought into the hype yall were talking. Once Bagley returns from my IR, Nunn's my obvious top drop.
  10. He has been so underappreciated in November. Super consistent and efficient. Really hoping that he is still this effective when Bagley returns. And I don't see why he can't be since he can stretch the floor well.
  11. So mad at myself for dropping Kennard instead of him. His bad games have been BAD this season, and it appears as though Winslow coming back isn't doing him any favors.
  12. I think there's a solid chance that they'll find a way to get him out there for 25 min/game (like some guy on the first page said, there's even a chance they play Ayton at the 4 for some minutes to get them both on the floor together). Either way, even in some of the games where he's hovered around 20 minutes this season (only a couple) he's still managed to produce. I think the Suns would be stupid to not keep him out there if he can get healthy given how amazing he's been at stretching the floor.
  13. Dummies dropping him left and right because they can't ride out his injury absence lmao. They clearly haven't been paying attention to how amazing he's been while healthy this season.