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  1. McGeeeeeee please bring me to the promise land. Cheers!
  2. Hey 2 more upcoming games. Watch out for the blocks coming! I still believe.....
  3. That 4 games is juicy! Alrighty thank you!
  4. Got him through waiver.Hoping to see him play 25-30 mins this week. Bagley let's go bag the trophy!
  5. I am torn between J. Allen and J. Poeltl. Good luck everyone!
  6. Covington (ankle) was recalled from the G League on Saturday, but he will still remain sidelined for Sunday's matchup against the Wizards. Covington practiced with the G League recently, which is an encouraging sign and one of the last steps in his recovery. While he won't return over the weekend, it seems Covington will make his way back on the court soon. His next chance to play arrives Tuesday against the Thunder.