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  1. I think option 3 is your best bet.
  2. That’s one of the reasons I’m hesitant. Before the draft I offered Realmuto and Torres for J-Ram and he accepted but changed his mind last minute and that was okay. Now he comes to me with this deal after the slump.
  3. We keep 5. My team is: Realmuto Abreu Torres Suarez Seager Harper Marte Reyes J. Turner Senzel DL - Stanton, Hicks, Eloy NA - Rodgers Sale Snell Corbin Glasnow S. Gray Weaver Woodruff Hand Yates Hicks DL - Severino
  4. Yes, sell high. Regression is coming. But Turner will get hurt at some point in time so be prepared, but I much prefer him anyway.
  5. Lucchesi for sure. He’s got great underlying numbers. Foltynewicz had one heck of a lucky year last year.
  6. Stay with Reyes. Dahl has an extensive injury history.
  7. This is a 10-team H2H categories keeper league, keeping players at round drafted/previously kept +1 round. I was offered Jose Ramirez (17th) for my Gleyber Torres (19th) and Nick Senzel (22nd). Should I take the deal? I have to, right? Thank you in advance for your help! WHIR
  8. @cjw3 what's your reasoning? Also I already dealt Mondesi because I wasn't going to keep him over Seager or Suarez.
  9. Judge all the way. Harper is far less predictable in other categories when compared to Judge.
  10. Take the deal and run! Drop Dickerson or Wacha.
  11. Gary Sanchez and it's not even close. Gallo kills you in BA and Sanchez will top 2 at his position after a bad-luck year, and while he may hit maybe 5-10 fewer homers than Gallo, he won't kill your BA and he plays a premium position. El Gary all the way.
  12. New wrinkle in this trade discussion. The guy is asking for Seager/12th for Hoskins. I want to counter giving up a worse pick, like a 15th. Should I do it? P.S. - I traded this same guy Adalberto Mondesi for a 9th rounder (3rd after keepers) straight up.
  13. Severino in the 21st is a no-brainer. The value is too good. I had a similar dilemma (Severino in the 21st or Suarez in the 19th), and I went with Severino because an ace in the 21st round is too good to pass up. Also, the risk isn't that high at round 21.
  14. Adalberto Mondesi. The price is too high for a guy who strikes out 27% of the time with a paltry 4% walk rate. Yes, massive upside, but totally unproven with poor underlying numbers. To pay 4th or 5th round for that is too expensive. 9th or 10th, I think I'd take the risk, but not 4 or 5 where I can get a proven commodity.
  15. I know you love hitters, but getting rid of Sale/Cole for Hoskins is a bad trade. If you're going to troll like that at least read the post and suggest I should trade those two for Goldy lol.
  16. 14-team 6x6 keeper league. You can keep between 4 and 6 players, and they take up your first 4-6 picks. I won this league last year and have a ton of keepers that I'm looking to deal for picks or upgraded keeper talent. Here are my possible keepers (definitely keeping the ones in bold): JD Martinez, Altuve, Marte, Sale, Cole, Suarez, Seager, Mondesi, Marquez, Cano, Leclerc I've been offered Rhys Hoskins/14th round pick for my Corey Seager/Adalberto Mondesi. Why am I balking at this deal? I'm not going to keep Mondesi, and really the last spot for a keeper is between Seager & Suarez, so essentially this deal is Seager/Mondesi/Suarez for Hoskins/14th round. Not sure that's worth it. Regardless, I can't keep both Seager & Suarez anyway so I might as well get something back, no? What do you think? Btw, the guy also has Goldy. Thinking I could counter for him?
  17. You’re right, you’re right. I do have some bias as a fan and both Gleyber and Realmuto helped me win the league last year so parting ways with them is just a little more difficult. But you’re correct, I should step back and look strictly at numbers.
  18. @secretagentman Torres has 2B/SS eligibility in my league, and J-Ram has 2B/3B. But you and @smurph are both saying that it makes sense to make the move because we're likely a few years away from peak Gleyber? Even with the 4 year keeper term, still worth it? And is Realmuto really not worth keeping? I know he's a catcher, but in the 13th round, .275-ish, 25+ homers, 80+ RBI out of the catcher spot has to be worth something, especially since he's being over-drafted in the 5th, no?
  19. If those are your other 3, I'm leaning Marte to give you more speed. You're talking a difference of about 8-10 homers between the two, but Marte will steal 20-30 more bases than Rizzo. You can more easily make up that homer difference than stolen bases.
  20. Can't trade Flaherty for him? If not, yes, trade Sevy for Bellinger.