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  1. @secretagentman You're obviously a Yankees fan, and I am as well! What do you think of Torres in general? Although unproven, he has pedigree. What's his upside in your opinion?
  2. My goodness, all 4 of those guys are 1st round picks, sheesh. Keep the 3 hitters, trade Mad Max.
  3. Castillo & Glasnow for Paxton jumped off the screen. I'd do that one.
  4. This is a 10-team h2h 6x6 categories keeper league where players are kept at the round drafted the previous season +1 round. This year we are introducing 4-year keeper limits, where no player can be kept for longer than 4 consecutive years. You can keep up to 5 players. I'm being offered Jose Ramirez (18th round) for my Gleyber Torres (20th rounder) and J.T. Realmuto (13th rounder). I was planning on keeping those two in addition to Severino (21st), Snell (14th), and either Eugenio Suarez (19th) or Patrick Corbin (19th). Jose Ramirez is a top 3 or 4 fantasy talent, but Torres was the top prospect in baseball and has Jose Ramirez upside, and Realmuto is the best fantasy catcher. Just not sure what to do here. Ramirez is enticing, but is he worth those two players? Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Not sure who E5 is, but Donaldson at 145 is a good pick. He has huge upside and if he gets hurt you can always adjust mid-season.
  6. Interesting statement. You can tell by my roster from last year that I dominated pitching, I had an army there for crying out loud. Going into last season I was prepared to compete like that as I kept Severino (21st), Greinke (9th), Keuchel (13th), and Elvis Andrus (16th) and then proceeded to take Scherzer with the 12th pick (2nd pick in round 2). Turns out only two of those keepers were worth anything, and I still won the championship, competing with pitching first, and hitting second. I made a few moves to acquire guys like Sale and Machado that really helped, but my keepers didn't really influence the outcome of my season. I think I can be even more dominant if I pick the right keepers this year, but the question begs, how important is it to make the right decision in who to keep? And it also begs the question, which foundation is best, hitting or pitching, with the continued decrease in starters who pitch deeper into games? I won with a strong pitching base (and it helps Yelich went OFF at the end of the season too, but you need a bit of luck, right?). Also, multiple people have brought up Suarez now, so my question is, with 3B being so deep, is it advantageous to keep him? Will his production really improve from last season, or will he have trouble even maintaining it? His HR/FB rate was really high at 23%, so he's due some regression, isn't he?
  7. A few people now have brought up Eloy. In the 19th round, that's very cheap, but is the risk worth it while not keeping a more proven player?
  8. I think you picked the correct 3 off the bat because you can keep all of them again next year at a reasonable price (assuming Story does just fine this year). I think Machado is in for some negative regression because his numbers away from the AL East are not as good as you might think (that's what happens when you get to play in Baltimore, NY, and Toronto). Help here if you can please!
  9. Don't think I could bring myself to keep a closer. Leclerc has had one decent season but has been plagued with walk issues in the past, though I agree the contract extension should solidify him in the closers role, you just never really know with relievers without a track record because each season is such a small sample size. 100% agree with the extreme value of keeping Severino...damn shoulder injury though!
  10. @2ndCitySox I have until 3/10 to decide, so probably not long enough 😕
  11. @TheTruth024 Is there a 5th player you'd keep? Severino?
  12. Springer? His keeper round isn’t a good value relative to his ADP this year. I can draft him in a later round than I would be keeping him. Also, I noticed you said no pitchers. Any reason?
  13. Nothing wrong with Suarez, 3B is just a very deep position in my opinion. As a Yankee fan I do love me some Andujar, but he doesn’t walk much and is a BA risk for that reason, though I think he’s a really good hitter regardless. Thanks for the input!
  14. Just curious, why not Corbin? He’s so cheap to keep and had a fantastic year last year and there’s no reason he can’t duplicate it, right?
  15. I third this. Voit isn’t even guaranteed ABs. You can always find an empty batting average guy to help make up for Gallo.
  16. Definitely trade Marte for Treinen because of the CF logjam. If the other manager backs out and won’t make the trade, just keep Marte and deal him later.
  17. This is a 10-team h2h 6x6 categories league. You can keep up to 5 players, and players are kept at the round they were drafted in last year +1 round. Players drafted in the 1st round last year cannot be kept. Undrafted players are kept with the last available pick you have. If you keep multiple undrafted players, they take the next last available pick. This is the second year we’re keeping players, but we are instituting 4 year contracts, so every player has 4 years of keeper eligibility left. I won the championship last year so I have the 10th overall selection (snake draft). I’m struggling to determine which 5 players to keep because I feel like I have a lot of valuable assets, but valuable assets are scattered throughout the rounds for each team (Jose Ramirez is an 18th round keeper for example). Anyway, here is the roster: Player Name (keeper round value) -Kris Bryant (not eligible) -Max Scherzer (1st) -Chris Sale (1st) -Manny Machado (2nd) -George Springer (2nd) -Christian Yelich (3rd) -Wil Myers (5th) -Brad Hand (6th) -Zack Greinke (8th) -Raisel Iglesias (9th) -Nicholas Castellanos (10th) -J.T. Realmuto (13th) -Blake Snell (14th) -Gleyber Torres (20th) -Luis Severino (21st) -Eugenio Suarez (undrafted, so 19th round at the latest) -Miguel Andujar (undrafted, so 19th round at the latest) -Eloy Jimenez (undrafted, so 19th round at the latest) -Patrick Corbin (undrafted, so 19th round at the latest) -Jose Leclerc (undrafted, so 19th round at the latest) -Will Smith (undrafted, so 19th round at the latest) -Tyler Skaggs (undrafted, so 19th round at the latest) -Dereck Rodriguez (undrafted, so 19th round at the latest) My initial thoughts are that I keep Severino, Torres, and Snell without any questions asked because of their keeper values relative to their 2019 ADP. It’s really the other two spots I’m having trouble with. I’ve been thinking Realmuto and Corbin because Realmuto is likely to be the most valuable player at his position, and Corbin is another ADP value. But then again, I probably won’t have a shot at Scherzer, and most likely Yelich as well, with the 10th pick. By keeping 3 pitchers I’m giving myself a huge leg-up and can solely concentrate on hitting in the early rounds, but with Severino’s injury, would it be better to keep Corbin or Scherzer? Or is it better to keep Yelich or Realmuto? None of this is this guy or that guy, just my thoughts. Who are the best 5 players to keep relative to their keeper values? Thanks in advance for your help!
  18. Keep Severino. For $3, that's like a $24 discount on his draft price, and for that little amount, it's okay if he's out for an extended period as long as you get something from him this year he'll recoup that $3. And from the early reports it seems like he's okay, might just miss a month. I'd rather have 4 months of Sevy than 5 of Glasnow, who you can probably get for whatever value you'd be keeping him at. For what it's worth, I'm keeping Sevy in my keeper league, costing me my 20th rounder (out of 22). If the value is there just keep him, $3 (or a 20th round pick) won't come back to hurt you.
  19. Sorry didn't mean to do that! lol...I'm targeting Marte in my draft. Correa worries me because of the back injury, and SS has a lot of depth this year. Like Didi Gregorius is someone you can draft really late and piecemeal the position together until he comes back from injury, but you can get some very serviceable players to fill in in the meantime. Rizzo has a very high floor, but he's unspectacular. He's pretty much 90R/30HR/100RBI/ least Marte can get you steals on top numbers that aren't too too much different than that.
  20. Assuming no rounds and you can keep them forever: Bregman, Marte, Robles, Jimenez, Scherzer, Snell, Tanaka
  21. Bregman and Judge. Harper is too inconsistent for my taste. And never assume a trade can be made because people are dumb and irrational.
  22. Depends on what his keeper value is. What would he cost you?
  23. Sale for sure, but after him, not so sure. I'm inclined to say Correa because everyone else has an ADP where you can grab them in that third round or someone better that someone else hasn't kept, but Correa is also being heavily discounted in drafts so far year. Rizzo I guess is an option, but I might prefer Marte over him, though some people will argue positional scarcity at 1B as a reason to keep Rizzo over Marte. I love Snell, I'm keeping him in my own league, but his ADP falls outside the top 3 rounds so you should be able to grab him in the draft, specifically in round 4.
  24. NOOOOO! Do NOT do it!!!! If you're dealing Trea Turner, a 1st round pick, for any pitcher at all, you should be getting Sale/Scherzer/anyone in Tier 1, not Nola, who is Tier 2. You also can always deal a closer for a SP if need be, but not Turner, please not Turner!