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  1. The problem with Aguilar is that plays for Milwaukee, a team that very quickly moves on from players if they struggle (Domingo Santana, who should have played over Ryan Braun). Aguilar did not have a good second half last season, so we're talking about a guy who has had one good half of a major league season, and they already have a log jam in the infield where they can easily replace him if he struggles. The Mets on the other hand will not be taking Conforto out of the lineup if he struggles. Conforto has shown that he can be productive for almost two seasons and that he is fully healthy and back from the injury. Let's not forget that Conforto was a top prospect that had big upside. No one said that about Aguilar, and again, he had a good first half of one season.
  2. The three-headed monster that is the Brewers bullpen will provide excellent value throughout the season, though I'd say Hader is least likely to assume the closer role because he can provide multi-inning outings more readily than Knebel or Jeffress. Verlander on the other hand, is 37 years old and has a lot of mileage on that arm. Personally I think when pitcher's reach a certain age they are a ticking time bomb (not like they aren't to begin with anyway), so do you want to risk this being the year Verlander explodes? Or do you want a dominant multi-inning specialist? I don't do auction drafts, but consider what value they provided last year and what they're going for this year and see which is the better value. Also, is this a points league, roto, categories? That will help determine that as well. Personally I think you can get Verlander for two or three dollars less than $35 at the auction, Hader will certainly go for more than $4. Lots to consider here, but mainly take away that Hader is least likely to close out of three because of his multi-inning capability.
  3. Treinen is the obvious choice based on keeper value.
  4. Do not trade for Kershaw. There's a reason he suddenly changed his mind. You definitely need to improve your pitching a tiny bit, but since there are 6 hitting categories, it's more important for you to have an advantage there than in pitching. However, you do need to improve at 1B. I'd deal one of your outfielders or Turner for a first baseman. There's consensus here that Smoak is not a good option there.
  5. Yelich for the reason that Bryant showed diminished power in 2017 and then had the shoulder injury last year, and his hard contact rate has continued to decline each of the past 2 seasons (even before the shoulder injury). Also, Yelich has 5-category upside that Bryant really does not. Even with some regression from Yelich should be good for 25HR 90+RBI, about 20SB and 100+ runs. That's basically Charlie Blackmon from a few years ago and everyone wanted a piece of him in the 1st round.
  6. Conforto, easy. Lowest risk in BA and will have equal power to Aguilar. Gallo is too much of a drain on BA. Conforto is a really good hitter and despite the slow start due to recovery from the shoulder injury, he showed his 2017 pace in the second half of last year. Conforto is an easy pick for me out of the three you mentioned, and he has great potential to be a breakout and jump into the next tier of outfielders in this his age 26 season.