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  1. If it's a 2 catcher league keep realmuto, if it's only 1 keep Nola. Also, I'm liking option 3, except Iwould not lock myself to Yelich on round 1. I'd much rather have JD, and pick someone like Story/Bregman (if theyre not kept already) on rd 2...
  2. I'd keep bats, but I'd check the SP pool post keepers Sp list and check who's left before making a decision.
  3. I myself am in a pticher happy league and I understand. Especially these past years with SP being so volatile. If that is the case, I would hesistate letting go of Kershaw, as we don't really know of his situation, and a healthy Kershaw is a stud. I'd be willing to flip that coin, but try to extend the decision to the last minute... It really depends how much of a risk taker are you. Also consider Cain if your league is SB happy, I know mine is...
  4. Would love to see more context on what would each keeper cost. But based on the info you gave you have a lot of great ones. I will assume you can't keep Mondesi because he was not drafted, otherwise if he is cheap i'd call him the best keeper. I will assume you can pick them on the same round: Top 5: 1) Lindor R 7 2) Corbin R 18 3) Realmuto R 13 4) Yelich R2 5) Treinen R14
  5. Trout, Baez and Soto seem like no brainers to me. Taking the Flaherty/Clevinger route gives you a good start at SP and they're both great values. Kershaw vs Cain is debatable and I'd lean towards Cain since you could probably use the SBs, I'd also consider looking at the SP pool post-keepers to see how shallow it is and if taking Kershaw is necessary.
  6. League 12 teams, 12 hitters,9 Pitchers (3SP,2RP,4P), Regular 5x5 Roto 260 auction,1400 inning limit. My league has 2 particularities: a) People love going for stars and scrubs strategy (elite players demand a premium) b) More importantly for this topic, starting Pitcher prices are way out of whack and people overpay for the position. To put it into perspective, Top 3 Sps go for 48-52 dollars, Sps 4-8 go for 40+ and top 20 go for 25+. (I know it's crazy, but it's true) I have allocated 15$ into 3 Closers and 60 to my next 7 SPs. I wonder which approach would you take: Approach A. SP1 Blake Snell or Aaron Nola (41) SP2 Charlie Morton 10 $ SP3 5 $ SP4 3 $ SP5 1 $ SP6 1 $ Approach B SP1 Jack Flaherty 25$ SP2 Mike Clevinger 25$ SP3 5 $ SP4 3 $ SP5 1 $ SP6 1 $ Approach C Go for 3 or 4 10$ SPs which would probably be value picks, some SPs liek these could include Morton, Luchessi and with some luck German MArquez and Zach Wheeler. I could get more batting or Closer Draft capital if i were to pick this strategy So you get the idea, There tends to be a 60/40 split in Hitter vs Pitcher price and it just confuses me how I should approach the draft, other strategies include punting saves completely. Please let me know what you would do. Thanks all!
  7. Depending on what ss are left. I assume this is for keepers, SS is a top heavy position, so if you dont take bogaerts you have to buy someone else. I other teams are also keeping SS liek Story and Bregman and they are not available at the draft, SS will demand a premium and Bogaerts should be the right choice. Also, Hoskyns>Carpenter in my book
  8. DAhl for 5 bucks for sure, has upside, and if he busts it was only 5
  9. Cole is in a tier above the other 2. Syndy over seve
  10. I tend to gravitate to Snell, he also happens to get the Orioles and Jays which are not particularly great teams.
  11. I think Cole is OK as a third rounder, but in any league with more than 10 teams I believe it hurts more than it helps to draft more than one true ace in the same team as you're losing a lot of hitting potential. SPs tend to be more unpredictable and you tend to want a good floor with your 3-4 first picks. Now I DO believe you should draft one Ace, so i agree with Cole on the third, but not Syndy on the fourth.
  12. Clevinger is this year's mid tier SP darling. Gor for him!