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  1. Hello everyone,, Can't let a guy with first round upside fall past the 5th. On a per game basis. He was a top 2-3 player in the entire MLB. The hit rate of draft day gets spotty quicker than people realize. I'm not expecting him to keep that pace, but you are not paying him to keep that pace either. Still has a higher floor that people think about. Steals will be there and the Royals will give a plus defensive SS a metric ton of leash thru slumps. In 2013 Escobar had a .247 wOBA and 49 RC+. They played him 158 games with that batting line. Granted Escobar made a lot of contact, and Mondesi might not. So it could be slightly higher. Just needs to keep his WAR positive thru defense and base-running.