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  1. Any positive insight on why i should pick him up? Hehe
  2. Dropping to stream huerter, prince or oneale tom. Will just keep an eye on wood for now.
  3. Haha my bad. I have kat, norm powell and christian wood all go down today with jjj playing 17 mins cause of foul trouble. Fantasy bball is such an emotional rollercoaster.
  4. Anybody watch the game? Was the injury that bad? I dont want to trust the roto blurb
  5. I hope miami gives them a proper a** whoopin to knock some sense into miller
  6. Same thoughts. Thanks for the small validation for my long house leash. Good luck to us
  7. Sooo... hold? Or drop? Ill hold if you hold. Lol F it, ill hold for a few more. I got him from a trade...
  8. Is it just your personal opinion that he’s playing injured or do you have any evidence? Cause i reaaaaally dont want to drop him but hart and brunson are on the wire.
  9. Still a hold? Or will he slowly taper off now?
  10. drop city? or still trust him he'll eventually get to his career ave?.. he's sucking my fg% down
  11. Sorry noob. How come mo isn’t center playable? Is there a way we can ask yahoo?