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  1. Sorry. Setting now open for viewing:
  2. Competitive daily league looking for two additional active owners. I’ve been in league for 7 years and it’s the only one I play. Snake draft with order released 1hr prior to start. Settings: Happy to answer any questions.
  3. Not sure what’s up with the cheater reference. We got 3 people from this forum last year and two are returning. link to settings
  4. $25 buy in on league safe. Competitive league that’s been around for 8 years. Daily lineup changes. Draft set for March 22 at 7:00EST. Let me know if interested.
  5. Daily lineups where most teams only play in this one league. $25 entry through league safe. Debating doing keepers starting this year. Let me know if interested.
  6. I still need 3 more members to join my 10-team league. $20-40 buy in. ESPN H2H.
  7. Are you interested in ESPN league? I'm looking for 3 more members for 10-team H2H points (or maybe categories). League has been around for over 5 years. A group of 6-7 owners always good but have had 3 teams that never do anything. Trying this message board to fill out those last spots.
  8. We are looking for up to 4 new members in a 10-team ESPN H2H. Was going to do H2H points this year. Let me know if interested. Current league members have been playing for >5 years but beyond my brother and me nobody knows each other too well outside of the league.
  9. We have a group of 6 members who have been in a league together for >5 years. Looking for an additional 4 players. We have played roto, H2H pts and categories. - 2019 will be H2H points with no keepers but with the idea of doing keepers in the future. - We prefer daily lineup changes so are looking for committed members. - The buy-in is there mostly to ensure participation of the new members. - Tentative draft time is Sunday, March 17 at 5EST but can be flexible depending on new members schedule. - Draft type is snake Full settings: