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  1. Cowboys, Ravens , Colts, Jets and Cardinals like those drafts.. was not too big on the dolphins that much even with all those picks. Cards got the best bang for the buck getting Isiah Simmons and Josh Jones that late
  2. Zack Baun or Josh Jones? tough call for the jets
  3. who are the top 5 WR left on the board here?.. i got my eye on Denzel Mims from Baylor. i love his size and speed. looks like a faster dez bryant to me
  4. dont mind the Bechton pick at all as a jets fan.. wow 49ers with Kinlaw shocking
  5. very surprising indeed.. you think Wirfs could drop to the Jets at 11?
  6. also once again i can not stress this enough.. it is going to be SHORTENED SEASON. so i do not need 180 plus innings because the season is going to be 100-120 games max. so 120-130 innings of Kershaw count me in.. this is the healthiest he's been in years.. and he looks reborn this spring..
  7. in new york city where i live every single perosn is wearing masks and 2 of my grocery stores have plexi glass at the registers .. but i really dont see this thing passing until at least june. especially in new york
  8. Kershaw over Snell, Castillo, Morton for sure and slightly over Bieber
  9. see ya guys like this