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  1. Rotoworld: "he's a terrible athlete at the position" .... ouch. But kind of agree haha
  2. After starting 4-0 ...DK doing nothing is about to hand me my 3rd straight loss to a team that started Boston Scott Gio Bernard Logan Thomas and H.Bryant built his team on the waiver wire this week.. and i watch Metcalf Chark and Zeke Elliott combine for 11pts.. I QUIT this game is all luck..
  3. im going up against Terry Mclaurin Dionte johnson and DJ moore.. i hate this game.. these guys have been hurt or MIA alllll year!!!
  4. Perine looks good and getting a ton of usage..
  5. nothing like watching DJ Moore do nothing all year.. until i face him... unf*@%king real
  6. high end WR3/Solid Flex once he gets his reps learns the offense... def wanted to come on here and see the comical over reactions though..
  7. died out laughing off my couch when Aikman called this game "A Pillow Fight"
  8. so in this event wouldn't the game just be pushed to Monday or Tuesday in likely hood? Than Raiders barring more positive tests can have most of there starters on O-line
  9. a week 9 or week 10 return?! Great news today.. Lazard is top tier WR3 IMO
  10. I would start Justin Jackson.. basically being used as Ekeler right now. plus matchup vs that awful JAGS D
  11. i'd still go OBJ.. start ya studs.. he scored last time against the bengals
  12. In .5 PPR do i start Boston Scott vs Giants tomm night or Adrian peterson vs Falcons? leaning towards Boston Scott.. i have a feeling the Lions will be playing from behind all day which means passing downs go to Deandre Swift whir thanks in advance