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  1. I just msg my friend and see if he wants in. I will let you know as soon as he gets back to me. Thanks
  2. Thanks. But I am looking for higher stakes. If you have any roto leagues in the $200+ area let me know,
  3. Thanks. But looking for a higher money stakes league!
  4. Me and a co-manager are looking for a standard 10-12 team 5x5 Roto with live snake draft on either CBS or Yahoo for like a $200-$1000 entry. Let me know if you need a team. thanks
  5. Preferably 10-12 teams and on CBS, but yahoo is okay too. I willing to go up to like $300 buy in. And prefer live draft not auction. Thanks.
  6. I might be interested. But have a few questions. Are you using max innings and max games played?
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