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  1. Conssitent season to season. A pain to own week to week though. Hard to see that aspect improving with dink and dunk Brady
  2. I just don’t know how 3 RB set of Zeke-Tevin Coleman-Tarik Cohen could have had any chance to repeat I also think OBJ is a top 5 talent but am unsure that the Browns will let him show it, especially with a new run heavy coach incoming. The Kupp thing could certainly hurt in the short run, but firgured it was worth some upgrades at RB and bit concerned about Kupp matching up against outside corners now (Rather than slot) with Cooks gone and 2 TE sets used by the Rams Thanks for the take
  3. Warning: mine will be different from the consensus in some aspects T1 Michael Thomas--thought about making him his own tier Tyreek Hill--Mahomes's number 1 WR...nuff said T2 Davante Adams--only weapon in Green Bay still but he is more injury prone than people believe Julio--endzone production looks to be less but no real signs of a decline yet Godwin--Brady loves the crossing routes Godwin excels at Golladay--WR6 with Stafford, even semi productive with UDFA QBs and now get Stafford back T3 Hopkins--easy sell to me at his ADP; never like new team moves for a WR, especially when that new O Line is bad, and Hopkins, while great last year, from the eye test looked to be making more contested catches and getting less separation DJ Moore--his forte is the short/intermediate game and Bridgewater loves those routes; getting slept on for sure: in redraft I will be going RB-RB-Golladay/Moore in all my leagues if possible Allen Robinson--as others said, he is (sadly) getting his best QB yet and has posted WR1 seasons with Trubs and Bortles--incredible talent OBJ--bottom of this tier for sure but I don't doubt the talent and can't see Baker being any worse than he was last year--would be more confident if they had brought in a creative offensive mind instead of an old ground and pound fart T4 AJ Brown--Titans are not as run heavy as you remember from the playoffs-they were just playing from ahead; even the most run heavy teams can support one fantasy WR if he is good enough and Brown is Evans--lower on him than most; never been much of a separation WR and needs a QB willing to throw downfield into tighter windows--Brady is not that TY Hilton---Rivers is not what he was but he was not the problem with the Chargers and this season will prove that when the Chargers go 2-14 with Tyrod and that bum Herbert; Hilton is injury prone but I expect a WR2 at a discount when healthy Thielen--he is like Juju in that he needs an equal or better WR on the outside because that is not his strength; throw in injury concerns and Dalvin Cook's role as a pass catcher on top of his volume as a runner and definitely a fade to me at current ADP AJ Green--like TY with the injuries and productiveness but, despite a higher ceiling, has more target competition than a rookie Pittman in a year with shortened camps (though I like Pittman as a late flyer) with Boyd T5 Sutton--the offense showed it could support two fantasy WRs early last year with Sutton and Sanders despite bad QB play, and Sutton showed his chops as the Broncos WR1 in the second half with Sanders gone; he is T4 if you believe in Lock to make a big leap (I just see a small one) Amari Cooper--this is a guy I never draft for the inconsistency but this year especially so: could easily see a situation with 3 WR2s in Coop, Gallup and CD like the Rams at their peak; but still, there is volume and a proven QB (whatever you may think of him) Calvin Ridley--still not sold on him as the future WR1 in Atlanta because I never saw him as that type of alpha since his Alabama days but he has a nose for the end zone and has shown he can beat CB2s--even if there is some inconsistency baked in with how much ATL uses tight ends T6 Kupp--Goff and Mcvay love him near the end zone but he is a fade for me if his ADP is significantly above that of Woods because of the 2 TE sets the Rams had success with last year and how they match him up on the outside with CBs and expose him to man and press coverage--something he struggles with Woods--nice target and always underrated due to lack of flash, but produced another quietly great season last year despite a low TD rate that is bound to normalize: a good 5th round target as a WR2 Parker--I won't ignore the end of last year but the body of work is just not there like it is for the rest of these guys, so I have to dock him. But with Fitz starting, I see no reason, this late breakout can't morph into him being one of the better WRs in the league DK Metcalf--was dead wrong about him as a prospect; his route tree being limited means inconsistency and keeps him from fantasy WR1 status or from pushing out Lockett completely but he runs the routes he can run very well and the physical talent cannot be taught--all while having the skills to use that talent Lockett--Wilson loves him too much to ever have him pushed out for DK, and the two are one of the most efficient QB-WR pairings of all time; he doesn't get the target volume you may idealize but don't doubt his floor McLaurin--also a guy who will end up on a lot of my redraft teams but I should start by saying I think Haskins is trash; now with that said, I think the 30% target share (from a guy he played with in college) and the very real chance of Kyle Allen taking over (a guy who peppered DJM with targets last year) , not to mention the talent of great route running, burner speed and elite contested catch ability makes him a prime candidate for a 2019 DJ Moore type season even if it starts slow on a run first team Diggs--not someone I will be drafting most likely: though I expect Allen to continue to improve as a passer (incrementally) Diggs is a player who has the footwork and route running skills to be Davante Adams and a top 5 fantasy WR, but falls due to laziness and inconsistency. Maybe the run heavy scheme in Minnesota is what was holding him back (though I expect Buffalo to be similarly run heavy) but I see him as a boom-bust WR2...again Keenan Allen--talent wise he is over all T6 and T5 guys and most of T4. This ranking is purely a reflection of my opinion on the awful Chargers organization them putting a bum like Tyrod Taylor and drafting a garbage QB like Trashbert. Hopefully Allen gets away from them soon but I don't see this year as being a great one in fantasy for him. DND T7 Chark--like McLaurin, he cooled off and showed some inconsistency last year; but unlike him, he had target competition added with major draft capital in Laviska--which dwindles some of the hope for consistency and fixes him into low WR2ish territory for me; and in general, just don't like the JAX organization as a fantasy situation and I have a hard time buying in considering how inconsistency followed Robinson in Jacksonville after his 2015 breakout or how other young Jaguar breakout WRs like Keelan Cole and Allen Hurns fizzled out (though Chark has more draft capital and talent than them and won't do the same) Tyler Boyd--did way better as the number 1 last year than I expected with quite a few stud performances and now he returns to his natural position in the slot with AJG back (with whom he performs better, according to 2018 sample) and a QB in Burrow who is going to inject life into the whole offense and just demolished Oklahoma by going again and again to his slot WR in Justin Jefferson--Boyd is a great value IMO and reminds me of a young Keenan Allen with his separation and route running skills T8 Brandin Cooks-getting majorly slept on this year like people have already forgotten he was a WR2 for four years in a row on different teams until the Rams collapsed last year with the O line sucking and not giving time for the deep routes to develop; he is a pain to own due to concussions but as Watson's number 1 I see a great value as a WR3 Juju Smith Schuster-WR61 in PPG in half PPR his first year without AB: yes, he has awful QB play, as did A-Rob with Trashbisky and Chase Daniel, Sutton with the corpse of Joe Flacco and UDFA Brandon Allen, Golladay for half the year with UDFA scrubs and DJ Moore with Kyle Allen and Will Grier. Yet only one of them finished below Taylor Gabriel and Chris Conley while the others managed to at least be decent FLEX plays if not solid WR2s. If you want to bet on a 38 year old QB off elbow surgery who looked awful for the games in 2019 he played coming back lifting this guy up to elite, sure be my guest. I will not be doing that. I see a WR3 and a guy who was outperformed by a third round rookie on his own team who didn't start until week 3-4 to the point that I sense a changing of the guard. And apparently the Steelers seem to agree seeing as they plan on letting him walk next year. I know he has his truthers on this forum but I am sticking to it. Last year was inexcusable and I am not buying into him at all this year. People point to Hopkins's year with Brock as precedent while ignoring he still finished as WR27 that year. Juju was unrosterable, let alone startable, and his separation numbers didn't paint a very pretty picture either. I am 100% out on him. Michael Gallup-moved down post draft for sure but no point pretending he died because they took Lamb. Gallup is still a WR who put up 1000 yards in less than a full season in a high volume passing offense with a proven QB. With shortened camps, I doubt Lamb takes the WR2 job next year anyways, especially considering the tough adjustment from Big 12 zone looks to NFL press coverage. The pick definitely still lowers the ceiling on Gallup be he will make a nice value come draft day with it, as people are majorly sleeping on his talent even after a very efficient, impressive 1000 yard season at a pretty young age. Deebo Samuel--he looked electric at the end of last year and did some serious damage against my Chiefs; but due to a run heavy offense and the amount of passing volume Kittle soaks up, I see a FLEX and a better real life player than a fantasy one. Still, I am not an Aiyuk believer and all rookie WRs will have a hard learning curve this year, so Deebo is a nice option for that FLEX spot in PPR if you don't like the RBs and a guy Shanahan will definitely scheme some touches for, but Kittle and the limited passing volume lowers the ceiling compared to past 2nd year breakouts seen in WRs. Jarvis Landry--not much to say here: rock solid PPR FLEX/WR3 with WR2 potential for decent stretches, especially when OBJ gets hurt, and always cheap because he isn't flashy: can make for a nice value in that part of the draft where everyone is chasing upside Diontae Johnson--looked like everything Juju was supposed to look like last year despite bad QB play, with electric ability in space, way better than expected route running/separation skills and elusiveness with strength after the catch (led the league in tackles broken), while apparently being very high on the Steelers draft board a year ago. His ADP is going to continue to rise, as it should, as more industry experts look into the tape from last season and see the incredible ceiling. Only reason he is lower in this tier is because the floor is admittedly low
  4. I am pretty sure the ones who would get interest would be rookies. Do you feel comfortable moving rookies before watching them play? As someone who traded Miles Sanders last preseason then had to pay way more to get him back recently, I am hesitant. Gallup might get interest but it feels like a sell low now with his value cut by the Lamb pick. Maybe Diontae though again it feels like I saw his floor with bad QBs and it looked tantalizing. Hardest thing about dynasty to me is falling in love with players and being unwilling to move them. Which WR would you shop, ideally, of these? I don't think Campbell and Miller--though I believe them to have upside--would draw much interest. Same for AGG considering I picked him up as a UDFA after our rookie draft or Edwards (if we are talking 2nd round value) considering the 8 team aspect and the fact he fell to me in the late 3rd.
  5. Zeke and AJ Brown for me assuming PPR. Jacobs is a very nice player but until he gets pass catching work he a RB2 masquerading as an RB1 to me I get the positional value on RBs but I just have very little interest in a back who doesn't catch passes in 2020, as good a player as he is. For a data point to consider, look at last year. Derrick Henry and Nick Chubb are far better players than Austin Ekeler yet he finished ahead of both in full PPR and ahead of Chubb in half. Until Jacobs catches passes, he is an RB2 to me and I would say an RB2 in the fifth--while good value--is not as good as a WR2 in the 16th. Also about the getting Brown later in the draft, I don't know any league where he can be had in the 16th round. Those two would be my picks. Help on mine?
  6. If disaster strikes and I don't hope to contend a quarter of the way through the year, my plan is to sell off Zeke for some kind of package with a young RB, WR and 1st. I think he is getting to an age and workload accumulation where he is risky to a non contender. Might float MT if it is a true disaster considering this is Brees's last go but as long as Payton is still there I think MT showed himself to be QB proof last year with Bridgewater and has a skillset I think will age well Will certainly make an effort on the bench WR angle too in the short run
  7. You don't think I mortgaged the future to upgrade? I lost my 1st next year as a part of a trade to move up from 1.06 and 1.08 to 1.01 and went JT over CEH (obviously controversial and I went back and forth quite a bit to the point I wasn't sure going into draft day what I would do but figured I could hedge my bets in that CEH being better means my NFL team is a contender for the next 7 years while Taylor being better means my fantasy team is doing better). I lost my 2nd in two years as a part of a package to get Miles Sanders. I figured my team being young would make it okay to jettison some picks, especially when the players coming back were also young
  8. Sorry if I came off as aggressive. There are some minor areas I disagree here and especially about overall thoughts on Juju but we do both seem to see a lot of value in DJ this year--whether as the Steelers WR2 as you do or as (maybe, potentially) the Steelers' 1 as I do. In the end, those kinds of distinctions don't mean that much from a fantasy perspective until a player leaves (like AB last year)
  9. Could you post your whole team maybe to give a better idea? For what it's worth: unless you are planning on competing this year, I don't think Ingram or Mack are must buys for you, even with owning JT and Dobbins. But if you are set on getting them, I would try Connor and a 2nd round pick or something in that neighborhood--maybe add in another PIT RB if it will help seal the deal. A first for Mack seems high and a first for Ingram is also a bit high unless you are going all in this year That's my take from what I know of the situation. Happy to give more help if I can see more of your team. Good luck Help here?
  10. DK then Terry and then Chark and later Deebo for me DK sped up as Chark slowed down last year
  11. 8 Team Dynasty 0.5 PPR Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 FLEX, 1 TE, 1 D, 1 K For our league, the rookie draft and the time after the rookie draft (which is one week after the NFL draft typically) is the peak of offseason activity—almost like the winter meetings in baseball. As summer sets in, trading and adding players dwindles until around August when the preseason hype starts to build for fantasy. With that period coming to an end, I think I have put the finishing touches on my team headed into next year (mostly RB acquisitions) and wanted an opinion. It won a championship last year but faces stiffer competition this year thanks to trades elsewhere in the league—though in my opinion might be a better team (Tevin Coleman and Billal Powell were by RB2 and RB3 championship week last year) Team is in Sig and pasted here for mobile users with a before and after version I went from this right after the season: (which somehow won a championship) QB: Dak RB: Zeke, Tevin Coleman WR: Michael Thomas, OBJ, Kupp FLEX: Sutton, AJ Brown TE: Kittle D- 49ers K: Boswell Bench QB: Daniel Jones, Darnold, Lock RB: Tarik Cohen, Mattison, Chase Edmonds, Justice Hill, Ryquell Armstead WR: Gallup, Christian Kirk, Cooks, Diontae Johnson, Anthony Miller, Parris Campbell, Hakeem Butler, Tre’Quan Smith TE: Hockenson, Goedert, Gesicki D- Steelers 2020 picks: 1.06, 1.08, 2.08, 3.08 2021 picks: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th 2022 picks: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th To This: (My Current Team) QB: Watson RB: Zeke, Miles Sanders WR: Michael Thomas, AJ Brown, Sutton FLEX: McLaurin, Jonathan Taylor TE: Kittle D- Steelers K: Gould Bench QB: Daniel Jones, Darnold RB: Derrius Guice, Sony Michel, Damien Harris, Tarik Cohen, Nyhiem Hines WR: Gallup, Diontae Johnson, Denzel Mims, Michael Pittman, Bryan Edwards, Anthony Miller, Parris Campbell, Antonio Gandy Golden TE: Hockenson, Gesicki 2021 picks: Two 2nds, 4th 2022 picks: 1st, 3rd, 4th Any areas I should be looking to address in the last part of this period post draft? Or during the season? I am not sure it’s a contender but think it could contend and maybe even repeat if things go right. Is that fair? If things go wrong in the fist half of the year, I am not opposed to selling Zeke for a young Akers/Dobbins type back and some pick to get back a first for next season+other picks and maybe even selling MT (though that would be harder to decide than Zeke because of shelf life). But most likely, I think I am ok with this team going into the season having helped my RB strength tremendously, even at the cost of some WRs and draft picks. Thoughts? Drop a link and will definitely return the favor in terms of help. 100%
  12. In redraft it’s Akers Mark Ingram>>>>>>>Darrell Henderson Rams drafting him with their first pick while having so many holes should say something: A. the Rams are not a competent organization and B. they have plans for him I do think Dobbins’s game is a safer bet to translate career wise but he will have to wait until 2021
  13. Again Stafford is a borderline top 10 QB. He is definitely not who I am talking about when calling out “bad QB play” And the rankings were points per game—not full season totals. I don’t see how they would change by missed games. Which of those WRs were outproduced by 3rd round rookies on their own team again? None? Yeah, didn’t think so. And again I just don’t see how the miniscule difference in suckiness between Rudolph and Brandon Allen/David Blough can excuse Juju for being completely unrosterable while the others were solid WR2s. Can’t even find an advanced stat that paints him in a positive light: Not like he was getting open consistently and just missed by his QB; his average yards of separation—quite bad at 2.4 yards (click SEP after getting to link in 2nd column from left to see) Maybe it’s a fluke that he was worse than Taylor Gabriel—I will not be taking that bet in the 3rd to 4th round. Everyone seems to hate OBJ right now despite a bad situation (though not as bad as Juju’s) and being hurt even though he got to 1000 yards in a disaster season and is proven as a number 1 option. Not trying to make this about him but Juju—for some reason—gets a special number of excuses for being trash last year I was super high on him preseason with AB gone and thought he would be a top 3 WR. In my dynasty league I even offered Michael Thomas for a deal centered around Juju—thankfully rejected; but no, WR61 is WR61. As high as I was on him, I won’t make excuses for his awful opening season as the number 1. He could certainly grow into it by improving as a player—he is young, but I am not assuming for a second that the WR1 spot in Pittsburgh is locked up by a guy who was outproduced by Chris Conley a year ago. And apparently the Steelers (pretty good evaluators of WRs) seem to agree with me to a point with their plan to let him walk
  14. I went back and watched his late season tape and came out completely agreeing with you and actually went with Sanders over Jacobs in a trade my dynasty league having a choice of both. I still don't see vision as his strong suit, but he looked like a completely different player as a runner. Fully on board with him in the mid 2nd or so in redraft and have no problem with him as early as 12 overall. He isn't the type of player who needs a ton of touches either to be a high RB2 in PPR while the ceiling is a fringe top 5 back if he can bulk up a bit and get those workhorse-level touches
  15. I still disagree on the "strong buy" part for Juju but I understand this line of thought at least. It is still hard for me to justify finishing as WR61 in half PPR; and looking at the ADP, I think there are guys who have proven more capability as an alpha WR in that range I would rather have