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  1. Who is the better option to replace Norm? I'm currently considering between Damion Lee and Kevin Porter jr, but Troy Brown, Ben McLemore and even Brunson are also available. I'm short on moves so I wouldn't like to waste one on a short term option. Adding pure SG player isn't cool too cause I already have one (Svi) Thanks!
  2. Who guys do you think have better rest of the season outlook? Can Bruno maintain his surge in recent games? He was underwhelming before Noah went down so I'm really wondering about him right now. Anyway I'm rather disappointed in Harkless so I'm doing to drop him anyway to add somebody who plays on SUN.
  3. They sat out Lou Williams for no apparent reason and limited Gallo to 24 minutes this night too. Hopefully Clippers just planned to give their best players some rest against a superior opponent.
  4. Are you playing the next week or your season finishes right now? Anyway basically it depends on whether you believe that Pelicans will shut him down for the rest of the season. As somebody who picked up Christian Wood I'm learning towards dropping him. Replacing AD with somebody who posts top-50 value with fine schedule could be a nice deal at this point of the season.
  5. My semifinals matchup is really close right now, I simply don't like my chances because my opponent has 3 games from Jokic and Hield left this week while I have to deal with the fact that Kyrie and Love are my top performers and they can miss games at any time 😯 Plus I have really crowded frontcourt (Love/Turner/Siakam/Ayton + just picked up Christian Wood) while can start only 3 of them on a full day and finals week is going to be full of them. I'm really wavering right now. Dropping Lamb or Kaminsky for Connaughton is another option but don't have anybody to replace Hornets duo on FRI and SUN. If Lamb plays these games I risk to add no quantity nor quality. Finally I may wait till SAT and then drop Harkless for somebody who plays on SUN. Simply add +1 game on the last day of the week. Could be the best idea though.
  6. Yahoo 9cat 6starters H2H playoffs I'm a huge underdog in a semifinals matchup and I thought about adding some more games with a 1 move left this week. An idea of dropping Ayton came to my mind among others. He has only one game left this week and quite possibly will stay on the bench on SAT (have to sit one of my Love/Turner/Siakam/Ayton frontcourt). His schedule for a final week looks disappointing too and he could easily be replaced. So what do you guys think? Dropping DeAndre to pick up Connaughton is it worth it in my situation?
  7. Yeah he's an easy streaming option if you are dare to take a gamble
  8. I'd have picked up Moe. He's going to have nice role till the end of the season. Meanwhile Osman has been playing like a crap last week so he's my primary option to drop for somebody who has a game on SUN (I'm playing H2H playoffs)
  9. He s*cks as a player but yeah could become relevant fantasy wise. Anyway guys are you willing to trust somebody from memphis? Looks like their garbage dudes finally had a great game. I mean Dorsey Caboclo and Holiday.
  10. Should I pick up KCP instead of Kaminsky or J.Johnson right now or wait until TUE evening hoping for a better streaming option? I'm sort of short on moves and looking for somebody who can play on empty days and strengthen my team in PTS and STL mostly.
  11. Jeez it was an insanely epic effort to play a game especially for somebody like Kevin Love. Glad I didn't drop him for a streaming option.
  12. Celtics are already going to rest some players on SAT so I assume Irving will play, though I'm 100% sure he's going to miss a game on SUN.